The Hurt Caused When Addicts Lie to Friends and Family

When someone becomes addicted to a particular substance or activity, he or she may begin to lie to their loved ones, and some will even steal from them. Family members will find it difficult to believe that their loved one is acting in this way, and may be hurt by their actions.

It is not uncommon for addicts to lie about why they need money or to make their loved ones feel guilty about denying them this money. Many family members may begin to make excuses or may feel sorry for them, and will keep providing them with cash or will be eager to believe their lies because the truth is harder to accept.

It can be so difficult to believe that the person they love would ever lie to them. Many addicts will swear to their loved ones that they will never use again or will never gamble again. However, before long, the cravings become too much and rather than admit they have succumbed to their addiction once again, they will lie and do whatever they can to hide it.

Understanding Cravings

Those who suffer from addiction have an illness. Addicts will usually begin by taking a particular substance such as drugs or alcohol or taking part in an activity that they enjoy such as gambling or shopping. Initially, they will be doing this for pleasure but, for some people, the activity or substance can become habitual. This can then move to dependence, followed by addiction.

Once a person has become addicted, they will suffer powerful cravings and may experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not getting the substance or enjoying the activity they need. Addiction affects the brain’s reward system so, often, addicts have no control over their actions. They must satisfy their cravings; if doing this means they have to lie and cheat, then so be it.

Destroying Trust

Many family members and friends of addicts have suffered because of the actions of their loved one; John Hughes is an example of this. The disabled man was cheated of almost £10,000 by a neighbour and friend, who told him she needed cash to pay bills and feed her children. She was using the money to fund her addiction to heroin.

Claire Hutchins continually played on the good nature of Mr Hughes and lied about being a good friend of the man’s former lodger. Mr Hughes, who is blind and an amputee, gave Hutchins his debit card so that she could pay the outstanding bills, but she soon began using his bank account to fund a £200 a week heroin habit.


When Mr Hughes’ former lodger Tom Duffy discovered what was going on, Hutchins was arrested. Mr Hughes has spoken of his devastation at having been betrayed by Hutchins and said, “Once I wouldn’t have thought twice about helping people – but now I can no longer trust anybody, and that makes me very sad. I felt a fool for falling for her sob stories.”

He said he is ashamed and embarrassed and is worried about telling his family that he was exploited.


Hutchins was jailed for twelve months, but she blamed her ten-year struggle with heroin addiction for her actions. Her lawyer said she was deeply ashamed of what she had done and expressed remorse.

Consequences of Addiction

Claire Hutchins, a mum of two, has found herself behind bars because of a heroin addiction she could not get under control. There are many people suffering just like Claire Hutchins; thankfully, help is available. Addiction Helper works hard to help those with addiction issues get the treatment they need to beat their addiction before it destroys them. If you need help, contact Addiction Helper today for free advice and family addiction support.



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