Can You Force an Addict to Get Help?

Discovering that a family member is suffering from addiction can be heart-breaking. It is difficult for loved ones to understand how the person that they know and love so well can change before their very eyes.

However, in many instances, family members will not discover an individual’s addiction until it is well advanced. Those who are suffering from addiction will go to great lengths to avoid suspicion, and many family members will simply not want to consider the possibility that this person could have an addiction to a particular substance or activity.

Knee Jerk Reaction

Once family members find out about their loved one’s addiction issues, they will automatically assume that they can get better if they are made to attend a rehabilitation clinic. The trouble is that it is not so easy to get the addict to attend. Many will be in denial about their problem and will not want to admit that they have an addiction. They will try to convince others that it is not as bad as it seems and that they can stop anytime they want.

Many addicts have learned how to lie in order to get what they want, and they tend to display manipulative behaviour to avoid facing their problems as well. They will not want to face up to the reality that they do indeed have an addiction and that the only way to tackle this problem is to seek help. Some will be embarrassed, and others will believe that there is no way they can survive if they are forced to give up on the thing that they crave the most. Some simply do not want to be helped.

How to Convince a Loved One to Get Help

Many people believe that you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped, so the important thing for families to do is to convince their loved one that he or she needs help. Some family members suspect that a loved one has an addiction but are afraid to broach the subject. They do not know how their family member will react, and they may be worried that their suspicions are incorrect.

However, if you suspect that addiction is an issue, it is very likely that it is. Family members with little or no experience of addiction should contact a service such as Addiction Helper for advice and support on how to deal with their loved one’s problem. We are here to offer our expertise to those who are dealing with the emotional and mental issues of addiction.

Our expert advisors can provide family members with information on the treatments available and from where these treatments can be found. We will also offer practical advice on how to get loved ones to admit they have a problem.

Addiction Affects the Whole Family

When one family member is suffering from addiction, it will inevitably affect others. Spouses, children, and parents will experience pain and sadness and, in some cases, they may become victims of physical and mental abuse at the hands of the addicted person.

Financial hardship is also a common side effect of addiction, which is something that will affect the entire family.

Addicts may spend all available funds on feeding their habit, leaving no money for essential household items. Children of addicts may go without things they need and may feel embarrassed by their parents’ actions. It may lead to them feeling isolated and withdrawn.

Call for Help

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