How to Get an Addicted Loved One to Accept Help

One of the most heart-breaking things to see is a loved one suffering because of addiction. If someone you love has changed because of addiction, it is natural to want him or her to get help. Most family members will do everything they can with the hope that they can get their loved one back.

Seeing this person change for the worse because of addiction can be soul destroying. Knowing that the individual they once were does not exist anymore can be hard to accept and many family members will be convinced that they cannot get that person back.

However, it is important to realise that the person you love is still in there but may never be the same person they had been before the addiction took hold of them. Addiction affects a person deeply and, even after rehabilitation, they may never be that same person again. Nevertheless, your loved one could become a better person after completing a programme of rehabilitation. They will have the experience of dealing with an addiction and coming out the other side intact. Nonetheless, how can you get them to initially accept help if they are unwilling?

How to Get a Loved One into Rehab

It is difficult to get a loved one to accept help if they are not ready. But difficult does not mean impossible. Many addicts will not want to enter rehab because they are afraid. They are afraid of failure and they are afraid of a life without the substance or activity to which they have become addicted.

Despite this, many addicts have come through a programme of rehabilitation after their loved ones have taken steps to make them go. It is important for loved ones to realise that sometimes it is necessary to be cruel in order to be kind. If you want your addicted loved one to get better, then it may be necessary to take measures into your hands.

What to Do

The first thing to do is learn everything you can about addiction in general and the particular addiction your loved one is suffering from. It may be the case that you will need to attend local support groups and speak to people there. Some former addicts will be willing to share their stories with you and will tell you about their experiences with rehabilitation. As well as helping you to understand the nature of addiction and rehabilitation, these support groups may help make you understand that there are others in a similar situation to yours.

An intervention may be a good way to get your loved one to accept help. This will involve getting a group of family members and friends together to speak to the addict about how their addiction has affected them and how worried they are. In many cases, an intervention is exactly what addicts need to push them into rehabilitation.

Some family members will hire a professional to stage the intervention as this can ensure all goes to plan. Many addicts are manipulative and may use your lack of experience to turn the intervention in their favour by convincing everyone that they do not have a problem at all. Having a professional there who does not know the addict may offer the best chance of success.

External Help

Consider contacting Addiction Helper for advice and family addiction support on where your loved one can get the help that he or she needs. We work with treatment providers in both the private and public sector and we can make sure your loved one is referred to a suitable organisation. Call today for more information.

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