Coping with the Consequences of a Loved One’s Addiction

There is no one reason why people turn to drugs or alcohol but it is often a way of coping with the stresses of life. Some young people will take drugs because of peer pressure, while others will simply want to experiment with substances that are deemed dangerous or illegal.

For some people, addiction to these substances develops and soon begins to take over their lives. The very nature of an addiction means that the person becomes dependent on the substance and their need for it begins to consume every waking moment. They will often think of nothing else but the substance and their behaviour and actions begin to change. For them, nothing else matters and their addiction becomes a destructive force in their lives.

Coping with a Loved One’s Addiction

To see a loved one fall under the spell of addiction can be very hard to deal with. Many family members do not know how to deal with an addiction sufferer, especially when their addiction begins to affect the lives of the whole family. Many people suffering with addiction will neglect their responsibilities and will often turn to crime when they do not have access to any other funds to pay for their habit. Financial hardship is often cited as a consequence of a person’s addiction as he or she will take every penny they can get their hands on to enable them to get the substance they crave.

One of the hardest consequences for family members to deal with is criminal activity that results in prison time. This can be very difficult for partners, parents, and children of addicts to cope with but, unfortunately, it is a common side effect of addiction.

Despicable Crime

Take the case of Wayne Marshall, whose partner and two children will now have to live without him for four years after he was sent to prison for stealing from an 87-year old woman who showed him nothing but kindness.

While in the throes of addiction, Marshall made the decision to steal a purse from the elderly woman after she had invited him into her home for a cup of tea. The purse contained just £10; the vulnerability of this woman was a major factor in the severity of the punishment.


Marshall knows that he acted in an ‘appalling and deplorable’ manner and will have to live with the shame of what he has done. He has apologised to his victim and he says he feels genuine remorse. He had been in recovery for five years but after relapsing, he lost all sense of right and wrong and stole from the pensioner. However, this was not his first offence and his partner and children will now be without him for a number of years.

Treatment for Addiction

Addiction can rip families’ lives apart, as in the case above. Nevertheless, there is treatment available for those suffering with addiction. Addiction Helper is a referral service working with treatment providers all over the UK. Our aim is to get help for as many people as possible; we have a huge network that we can access in order to achieve this aim. Our staff are fully trained on all types of addiction and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the information you need to get better.

We understand that there is not one treatment that works for everyone. This is why we will provide you with family addiction support and assist your situation. We will recommend a treatment centre that we feel will be best suited to your specific circumstances. Even if you have tried rehabilitation before and found it unsuccessful, this does not mean that another treatment will not work. Call us today and we will help you get your life back on track.

Source: The Leicester Mercury  

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