The Importance of Support for Addiction Recovery

Addiction is an illness that affects tens of thousands of individuals across the UK. Those who suffer from this devastating illness may be in denial for a long time, finding it difficult to accept the fact that they do indeed have a problem. This has a lot to do with the stigma and stereotyping that is often associated with addiction.

Those who have never experienced the trauma of dealing with an addiction will no doubt find it hard to understand. Some assume that it is a particular type of person that suffers from addiction when, in fact, it can affect individuals of all ages and from all walks of life.

Getting Help for Addiction

Once a person has accepted that he or she has an addiction, that person may then be ready to get help. There are many different types of treatment available for addiction, and these can be provided by both public and private entities. However, one thing all the treatment providers have in common is the fact that they will provide the addicted individual with a high level of support to get through recovery.

Addiction can be a very lonely place so recovery must be well supported in order for the person to feel as though he or she can make it through the process. Professional counsellors, advisors, and therapists will be on hand to ensure that each person treated gets the full family addiction support required.

Family Support

Support of loved ones is also crucial for those in recovery. Addiction can be tough on not only the person with the illness but also their family members. Seeing a loved one struggling with addiction is heartbreaking, but it can also be extremely stressful.

The nature of addiction is that those affected will typically lie and cheat to get what they want, and their behaviour often changes to the point where loved ones no longer recognise them. Many family members will do everything they can to get help for their addicted loved one but in many cases this can be in vain. Some addicts are simply not ready to accept help, which can be hard on the family.

A number of addicts will steal from loved ones in order to fund their habit, placing a huge strain on relationships. It can be very difficult to live with an addicted person under such conditions.

However, once a loved one has decided to get help, family support will play a significant role in the addicted person’s recovery. Your loved one will learn about the underlying cause of their addiction, which may be something that they need to face with other family members.

Knowing that their loved ones are there for them can be a key motivator for sticking to the programme.

Support Groups

Support from peers is also important in addiction recovery. Many support groups are available to help addicts, and they are a great place to talk to others who are either going through or have been through, a similar process. Most addicts find it hard to speak to loved ones about their addiction because they feel as though they just would not understand. However, having others to talk to who do understand and who have experienced the same thing can be helpful. Seeing a person who has been through addiction and has come out the other side is inspirational.

Where to Get Help

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, Addiction Helper can provide detailed information and advice on where to get help. We have access to an extensive network of providers all over the country from where you can access the treatments you need. Call today for more information.

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