Detoxification from cocaine is a vital part of rehabilitation. It is so important that actual rehab cannot begin until the detox portion of the treatment has been completed. The basis for this reasoning is to remove all the harmful cocaine toxins from the body. This is the best chance that an addict has at avoiding a relapse.

While a person suffering with cocaine addiction is in the stages of cocaine detox treatment, he or she will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will vary from one addict to the next, however, there are several withdrawal symptoms that are common.

Addicts experiencing cocaine detox can expect to undergo bouts of insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue and cravings for the drug. It’s these drug cravings that are deemed to be the most difficult part of rehabilitation for addicts. This is why cocaine detox treatment is a very important step towards full recovery.

The exact amount of time it takes to detox varies from one individual to the next however on average, it takes between five to days for cocaine detox to last. The timing of this detox stage depends on the length of time and the amount of cocaine the user consumed.

The detoxification stages of rehabilitation can take place at home, at an outpatient drug centre or at a residential drug centre, however, most detox centres will provide on site detoxification services to their patients.

The importance of detox is making the physical adjustments to living without cocaine. This successful part of rehabilitation also represents a very important accomplishment for addicts wanting to recover.