Many Brits in Need of an Alcohol Detox after Annual Holidays

It is often the case that people say they are in need of an alcohol detox after a particularly heavy bingeing session. There are certain times of the year when alcohol consumption tends to be higher than normal, such as at Christmas and the summer holiday.

In fact, a survey has revealed that the British holidaymaker is gaining an average of 4.4 lbs during their summer holiday from excessive eating and drinking. A study by Cancer Research UK also found that the average Briton is spending £850 on alcohol during their holiday! It is no wonder that so many believe they are in need of an alcohol detox.

What is an Alcohol Detox?

For the average person, an alcohol detox could be described as a particular period where he/she abstains from alcohol. However, for those who have a physical dependence on alcohol, it is an entirely different process.

Detoxing from alcohol if you have an addiction can be a very unpleasant experience. Since alcohol affects almost every single cell in the body, it can be tough to withdraw from the substance, and many people experience a host of physical withdrawal symptoms.

And as these symptoms can range from mild to severe, it is typically recommended that those who want to complete an alcohol detox do so under careful supervision of a medical professional. If you are in need of an alcohol detox, call us here at for more information on how and where to access this treatment.

Binge Drinking and Why It is Dangerous

While most people drink in moderation, some do partake in binge drinking on occasion. Most assume that there is no harm in binge drinking every so often, but the reality is that any time you drink more than the recommended weekly amount of alcohol, you are putting your health at risk.

Although most individuals will spend a lot of time getting into shape before their holidays, it would seem that once they are there, they really do let go, with many piling on the pounds through excess food and alcohol.

Many choose to go for an all-inclusive holiday just so that they can access as much alcohol as they like. Many admit to drinking far more alcohol on an all-inclusive than they would if they were self-catering.

Binge drinking can lead to many problems, including an increased risk of accidents and injury. The body is capable of processing one unit of alcohol every hour. Those who drink more than this will quickly begin to feel the effects.

Two large glasses of wine are equivalent to around six units of alcohol, and it is possible for some people to drink this amount in the space of an hour. That means drinking five times alcohol more than the body can process. This is considered binge drinking even though some people would not think two glasses of wine could be classed as such.

Being intoxicated means your co-ordination will be impaired, and you may take unnecessary risks that could put your life in danger. Those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol in one drinking session could suffer fatal consequences. It is not uncommon for individuals to pass out from alcohol and then choke on their own vomit.

Giving Up Alcohol

Due to the dangers of binge drinking and regularly drinking more than the recommended amount, various charities are trying to encourage people to haven an alcohol detox for the month of September. Cancer Research UK are asking as many people to take part in September’s Dryathlon to help reduce the risk of certain illnesses and addiction as well as to raise money for charity.

A month long alcohol detox could make you feel better, will help you to lose weight and could save you some money that you can save or give to charity.

Preventing Addiction

Many around the UK are in danger of becoming affected by alcohol addiction without even realising. It is often difficult to tell when you have crossed the line from habitual drinking to problem drinking.

A month-long alcohol detox could be just what some people need to get them back in the habit of moderate alcohol consumption. Many individuals who complete the full month find that their drinking habits change for the better.

Alcohol addiction is a devastating addiction and one that can have a host of implications for those affected as well as for those closest to them. Giving up alcohol now could be enough to help prevent some people’s drinking habits from spiralling out of control.

If you are worried about yours or a loved one’s drinking habits, contact us here at Addiction Helper. It may be the case that a month-long alcohol detox could be the perfect solution. However, it could also be that alcohol addiction is already a problem and, if so, a programme of alcohol detox in a supervised facility may be necessary. For more information or a full assessment of your situation, contact us here at Addiction Helper today.

Source: Feeling bloated? Brits put on average of 4.4lbs by eating and boozing on holiday (Express)

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