Ibogaine: Miracle Cure for Addiction and Alcoholism?

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic drug found in a selection of plants found mainly in central and western Africa.

It is used primarily for spiritual development and understanding within African spiritual and religious traditions and is also said to have medicinal properties. However the most interesting and radical claim made by spiritualists as well as some scientists is that this wonder drug can actually cure addiction for good!.

How is it used?

Derived from the roots of various plants, it is administered in one single dose, orally in a capsule for relief of addiction and for detoxification purposes. For many years the African natives have used this drug to induce dream like states where they experience visions and hallucinations, often providing the individual with a great insight into the workings of their own mind and a spiritual connection. The effects of the drugs last 4-6 hours after taking it and quite often the user is unable to move whilst under its influence. More recently is it being used to treat addiction. It is said to instantly detox and relieve the users addiction from substances such as Heroin, alcohol, other opiate based drugs and cocaine. Furthermore it is said to remove the desire or craving for drugs and alcohol from the persons brain permanently.

How does it work?

According to the small amount of research that has so far been conducted on this drug, it strips the brains opiate receptors and resets them back to their pre addiction state. However Scientists are unsure how it works or just how long the effects last but it is being touted on the internet as a cure for addiction and withdrawal symptoms, blocking the user from feeling any withdrawal effects from the detoxification and removing the desire to use or drink again.

Where is it available?

Ibogaine is illegal in the UK and in the USA, however it has been legalised across 6 continents and is being used currently as a detoxification and treatment aid in Treatment centres across 12 countries within these continents. At present there has not been enough research conducted for it to be legalised in the UK or in the USA or for the claims to be validated worldwide. Nor is there any information available on how safe it is or on the long terms effects of using this substance but the fact that treatment centres are already using it across 12 countries and an addiction treatment certainly gives the claims some weight.

Alcohol addiction can be managed and defeated through alcohol detox and support groups among other treatment options.

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