Can Pregnant Women Be Detoxed?

Pregnant women in need of medical detox are considered high risk. It is vital that both the mother and her unborn child are medically supervised throughout the detox process. This will greatly reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

At some point during a woman’s pregnancy, if they are addicted to alcohol, drugs or prescription medication, a decision will need to be made as to what is best for both mother and baby. The obvious choice is that the baby is born healthy with no dependency to drugs or damage suffered as a result of the mother’s alcoholic drinking. Few mothers with drug or alcohol addiction problems will choose to fall pregnant whilst still addicted. Once it has happened though, they may decide that a child is a second chance at life and vow to straighten themselves out and change their lifestyle and behaviours. If they are bodily dependant on a substance, even though they are pregnant a medical detox may still be required. This should only be carried out at a treatment clinic or hospital, where medical support is on hand.

As well as being detoxed, it is imperative that the mother also undergoes intensive therapy for her addiction issues, without this, it is likely a relapse will lie ahead of her. Having a new-born baby is very stressful and tiring, emotions run high and she may find she has little time for herself. At this point a program of recovery and support network is invaluable if she is not to rely on her old methods of coping.

I would urge any expectant mother to seek help for addiction, it is far better to seek help whilst pregnant than to risk leaving it until after the baby is born. It is likely that any pregnant woman suffering from addiction has deep shame and guilt that they’re unable to give up their addiction for their unborn child. What they are in need of is a non-judgmental and informative approach, anything less may send them spiralling further into their addiction.

If you are pregnant and struggling with addiction, of any kind, please call us so we can offer you free and confidential advice on the treatment options and alcohol detox available.

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