Many people who are suffering from the effects of alcohol and alcoholism will be concerned about what they might go through when they embark on an alcohol detox programme.Anyone who is alcohol dependent will have a continual desire to consume alcohol and may have done so for some time.This means that when they stop they will inevitably develop symptoms of withdrawal.Some people find stopping difficult simply because of these symptoms

Alcohol detox clinics will help patients through the symptoms, which might include feeling sick, sweating and trembling.People who find the withdrawal process difficult often begin drinking again, just to bring an end to the symptoms.Withdrawal symptoms may last for a week or more, but sufferers may find that the craving for alcohol lasts longer than that.Severe symptoms, such as delirium tremens are quite rare, but some patients will suffer convulsions, delirium and dehydration

Often, alcohol detox is achieved with the help of medication and sufferers may be prescribed this by their GP.The treatment begins with a high dose, which is gradually reduced over the course of the detoxification.Patients may have to agree to be checked with a breathalyser while they are on the medication and there will be regular appointments with practice nurses

The process of going through detox can cause severe anxiety to those suffering with alcohol addiction, but with the help of a supportive family and friends it can be achieved.Some may find it hard to sleep while they are undergoing the treatment, but this should pass as time goes on.