Paul Gascoigne Get’s Help At The Meadows Rehabilitation Centre in Phoenix

ALCOHOLIC Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne Enters Emergency Rehab In The USA

Footballing legend Paul Gascoigne has entered the Meadows Rehabilitation Centre in Phoenix to get help for his long term alcohol addiction.

The news about Gazza’s entry to alcohol rehab comes just days after he was seen drunk and out of control at a charity function which resulted in front page headlines across the UK and a public outcry from loyal Paul Gascoigne fans begging his friends and family to get him immediate help.

Gazza’s friends Gary Lineker, Chris Evans and Piers Morgan worked together to arrange the intervention and get Paul the help he needed right away

Gazza left London Heathrow on Monday for the 10 hour trip across the atlantic where he was met by a team of specialist addiction experts from the Meadows Rehab Centre in Phoenix.

Gazza’s spokesman told the Sun newspaper: “Alcoholic Paul Gascoigne has willingly been admitted to a treatment centre. He has been extremely touched by the generous offers of help.

We would like to wish Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne all the best with his alcohol rehab at the Meadows Rehab Centre in Phoenix.

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