Deciding on the best course of treatment for you or a loved ones alcohol problem is a major and life changing decision. So naturally you want the best treatment available that will fit your financial budget. Treatment at an NHS Alcohol Rehab may seem very appealing as the treatment is free. But will it really work? And are the waiting times really a viable option? These are serious points to consider when opting for an NHS Alcohol Rehab facility.

Addiction Helper recognises that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to Alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, NHS Alcohol Rehabs do not have the funding or provisions to cater for this and their treatment facilities are reflective of this fact. Most NHS Alcohol rehab facilities for Alcohol dependence are inpatient within secure hospital wards, where the patient will receive a medically prescribed detoxification from alcohol, but little else. It has long since been recognised that the vast majority of individuals with alcohol dependence require intensive psychotherapy in addition to a detoxification. Whilst the NHS are able to refer and fund a private rehab that can provide both these treatments within an inpatient setting, it is only in exceptionally rare and complex cases that they do, and even then the waiting times for an NHS funded Alcohol Rehab are very lengthy indeed.

Due to the limited treatment options available at NHS Alcohol Rehabs, many individuals find themselves unable to cope with the pressures of life on discharge in to the community. Invariably they return to their old methods of coping, by returning to alcohol. It is for this reason that a detox at an NHS Alcohol Rehab facility is rarely enough for the individual to maintain lasting sobriety. And with the knowledge that they have already received their “ticket to sobriety” from the NHS, their treatment options become even narrower, and their plight even more hopeless. It may be that it is best to consider all options available, before opting for an NHS Alcohol Rehab, as it may not turn out to be the least expensive option after all.

You may be asking your self; exactly what do I have to do to get affordable treatment for my alcohol problem? This is where Addiction Helper is able to help. We understand that the vast majority of individuals that seek help for their alcohol addiction do not have the luxury of time to wait for a place at an NHS Alcohol Rehab. Alcoholism is a deadly illness, and because of the shame that the individual often feels around it, it is usually only at crisis point that they will seek assistance. Treatment waiting times then become a critical factor in the individual’s recovery. Another factor that NHS Alcohol rehabs are not equipped to deal with are cross addiction problems, a common problem with a lot of alcoholics. We at Addiction Helper can take the stress and strain out of your journey in to recovery and, unlike NHS Alcohol Rehabs, we can provide immediate assistance and a package that is tailormade to suit your individual needs.