Are you struggling right now with alcoholism? Do you find yourself in a place where you do not think you will last much longer without some help? If so, we are here to provide that help you need. We can assist you in locating an alcohol rehab programme that fits your circumstances and budget. We can even help you find alcohol rehab abroad if it is appropriate.

Unfortunately, the widespread availability and social acceptance of alcohol has led far too many people down the road of abuse and addiction. What starts out as a seemingly innocent drinking habit quickly turns into a scenario in which alcohol controls the individual’s life. When abuse becomes alcoholism, rehab is often the only way out.

There are two basic types of alcohol addiction rehab from which to choose: outpatient and inpatient. An outpatient programme is one that is offered locally. Alcoholics travel to a facility on a daily basis in order to receive treatment, returning home at the end of the day. Inpatient treatment is just the opposite. Clients receiving inpatient care actually live at the facility for anywhere from four to 12 weeks. Alcohol rehab abroad is, by definition, inpatient treatment.

Advantages of Travelling Abroad

Seeking alcohol rehab abroad is not necessary for successful, long-term sobriety. However, it can help under certain circumstances. Let’s look at just one example to illustrate the point.

Let us assume that John is an alcoholic with a large extended family scattered all across the UK. No matter where he goes for treatment, he may find family members located within a reasonably close proximity. This could be a problem if John is apt to quit when things get uncomfortable. For him, it might be necessary to put as much distance between himself and his extended family as possible.

Alcohol rehab abroad does just that. It puts enough distance between the alcoholic and his comfort zone to allow him to focus entirely on getting well. That focus is critical if long-term abstinence is to be achieved. And let’s face it, long-term abstinence is the only real cure for alcoholism.

As far as the other advantages of going abroad, they are numerous. Travelling abroad affords the alcoholic:

  • the opportunity for anonymous treatment
  • the opportunity for more conducive surroundings
  • the ability to completely separate from all distraction
  • the opportunity to find better accommodation
  • the availability of specialised treatments not found at home.

It’s Time to Evaluate

Now that we’ve given you some introductory information about alcohol rehab abroad, it’s time for you to evaluate your circumstances. Do you need help? Are you an alcohol abuser or addict? Let us look at some of the tell-tale signs of both.

If you are an alcohol addict (a.k.a. an alcoholic’), you should recognise some of the following symptoms in your own life:

  • you tend to drink first thing in the morning
  • you worry about having enough alcohol in the house
  • you plan your daily activities around alcohol consumption
  • family members and friends routinely address your alcohol consumption
  • rather than being honest about your habits, you lie about them
  • you’re willing to go to great lengths to get a drink
  • you find you need greater amounts of alcohol to enjoy the same pleasure.

Trained professionals can easily spot the tell-tale signs of alcoholism. So if you are not sure, please do not hesitate to seek out your GP or another professional who can give you a proper assessment.

Even if you don’t fit the clinical definition of the alcoholic, you may still be on the road to trouble. Alcohol abuse, which has its own clinical definition, is a sure route to alcoholism if left untreated. Alcohol abuse is something that should never be ignored.

You might recognise some of the following signs in your own life if you are an alcohol abuser:

  • you drink socially more than twice per week
  • you engage in binge drinking on a regular basis
  • you consume alcohol purposely to become intoxicated
  • you pay no attention to the concerns of others regarding your drinking habits.

You need to understand that unchecked alcohol abuse will usually lead to alcoholism. As an abuser, you are continually consuming large amounts of alcohol, which, eventually, will lead to tolerance. And once a certain level of tolerance is achieved, addiction is the inevitable result.

It’s Time to Take Responsibility

So, how did your self-evaluation turn out? Is there any chance you might be an alcohol abuser or addict? If the answer is yes, it is now time to take responsibility for yourself. Only you can make the choice to get the necessary treatment to get well. If anyone tries to force you, you are likely to relapse in the future.

The first step in overcoming your abuse or addiction is to recognise you have a problem. The second step is to get in touch with us so you can learn about the available treatment options. If alcohol rehab abroad is your best option, we will help you locate a rehab centre that is within your budget. If remaining home is a better choice, we will work with you to find a programme domestically.

Our mission is to assist alcoholics and their families in identifying and taking advantage of treatment options. We work with the finest certified clinics all over the UK and beyond. We also have information about free services offered by both the NHS and alcohol charities. We promise to put all of our resources to work on your behalf so that you can get the help you need.

Perhaps you are reading this out of concern for someone else; perhaps you do not have an alcohol problem yourself. We can still help you. We can provide all the information you need to be properly informed so that you are ready to act in the event your friend or loved one does decide to seek treatment. Having this information is invaluable. You may only have a short window of time to act, so take advantage of our free and confidential service today.