Study: Britons Spend Around £30,000 p/min on Alcohol

A new study has shown that people in Britain are drinking 13,923 glasses of wine and 14,841 pints of beer every minute. Almost £30,000 per minute is spent on alcohol, equating to around £15 billion per year. Shockingly, the equivalent of twenty-four bottles of white wine and twenty-three bottles of red wine are drunk in the UK every second.

The research also shows that more people are drinking at home, although individuals are still drinking at restaurants and pubs. Figures have shown that people drink more beer when drinking out but at home, more wine.

The amount Britons drink continues to be a concern for the Government and health officials, with alcohol addiction-related incidents costing the NHS around £3.5 billion every year.

Alcohol Addiction

Drinking in moderation is something that many Britons do and is considered socially acceptable. However, not everyone can drink in moderation and, unfortunately, some will develop addictions to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is not something that occurs overnight. It happens gradually when a person becomes dependent on alcohol, and it becomes something that he or she needs to function. Over time, a person will become tolerant to the effects of alcohol abuse and will need more and more of the substance to feel the same impact.

Those with an alcohol addiction will continue consuming it even if it is glaringly obvious that it is causing harm to them both physically and mentally. Many will continue to drink even when their addiction is the cause of breakdowns in their relationships. Addiction can often be so strong that it can be extremely difficult to break the cycle.

Why Do Some People Develop Alcohol Addictions?

Many individuals wonder why others develop addictions to alcohol while some do not. The truth is that some people are more at risk of developing addictions, and while there is no exact reason, there are some risk factors.

Men who drink more than fifteen alcoholic drinks per week and women who drink more than twelve are more likely to develop addiction than those who drink less than this amount. Binge drinkers who consume more than five drinks in one session at least once per week are also at higher risk of addiction.

Children of alcoholic parents have a greater chance of becoming addicted to alcohol, and those who suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or paranoia are at risk as well.

Signs of Alcoholism

Many people with alcoholism are unaware that they have a problem. It may be that they are in denial or just that they cannot recognise the symptoms. Nevertheless, if you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction, there are a few signs to look out for.

Those with an alcohol addiction are more likely to drink alone and may have to drink large quantities of alcohol in order to feel the effects. This is because their body has become tolerant to it.

Alcoholics often spend much of their time thinking about when they can have their next alcoholic drink and may begin to neglect their personal hygiene and other responsibilities. They may find that their home and work life is affected as well as personal relationships.

Alcoholics will also often drink more than they intended and may find it difficult to stop drinking even if they want to.

Getting Help for Addiction

If you have an alcohol addiction, you can get help by contacting Addiction Helper. We are a free service, putting addicts and their families in touch with suitable treatment providers across the UK. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

Source: Daily Mail 

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