Reese Wetherspoon arrested as husband drives drunk.

resse witherspoonHollywood actress Reese Wetherspoon was arrested on Friday night for Disorderly Conduct. The Legally Blonde star was reported to have tried to use her fame to distract from her husband’s drink driving. The couple were stopped as police were concerned about the vehicle being driven erratically and reports state that Wetherspoon’s husband, Jim Toth, was clearly under the influence of alcohol.
In desperation, the actress asked the police officers the classic line “Don’t you know who I am?” She repeatedly disobeyed officers orders to stay in the vehicle as her husband was questioned and breathalysed and after trying to intimidate the offices with her fame, she was arrested for disorderly conduct. Jim Toth was later charged with drink driving offences.
What makes someone in the public eye go to such lengths to try and escape punishment for misdemeanours? Do the rich and famous really expect special treatment and not have to abide by the law like everyone else? Drunk driving kills thousands of people every year. There is no excuse to drive under the influence of alcohol. It’s not as if Reese Wetherspoon and her husband couldn’t afford a taxi home, but yet they choose to place their own, and others lives at risk.
When someone chooses to drink and drive, they choose to place themselves in danger along with anybody else on the road, or even pavement. Drink-driving is a something that happens all too frequently when someone has issues with alcohol addiction. A heavy drinker often has little regard for the future and may not have a particularly high regard for their own personal safety, especially when under the intoxicating influence of alcohol. Even after just one drink, the body reacts to alcohol is depressant action and all systems and functions slow down. Of course, the drinker may think they are perfectly okay and would pose no danger if they were to drive. And this is the problem that causes so many needless deaths every year.
Sometimes it may take a short sharp shock like a reprimand from police or even something more serious to make someone address destructive drinking patterns. The reality of a criminal record is no laughing matter, and can seriously harm people’s careers and future employment prospects. This might not be too much of a concern to Jim Toth, but for everyday folk a criminal conviction could mean that they no longer pass essential CRB checks needed for many jobs.
When drinking spills into other areas of someone’s life, that’s when it becomes a problem. If someone is drinking and driving who knows what are the risks they may be taking with their personal safety. I could go on about their alarming statistics of drinking and driving in the UK, but anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that drinking and driving is never a good idea.
If you or someone who you know has problems with alcohol abuse then try and seek help immediately. The quicker help is sought the likelihood of a successful rehabilitation from alcohol addiction greatly increases.

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