Overcoming Addiction to Alcohol with an Alcohol Detox and Rehab Programme

Alcohol is a substance that many people use to make them feel better or to help them cope with the pressures of everyday life. However, because it is an addictive substance, those who abuse it could be in danger of developing a physical dependence that will eventually require an alcohol detox in order to quit.

While most individuals drink alcohol in moderation, for some, alcohol can become a major problem. The more alcohol they drink, the more likely they are to build up a tolerance to it. This means that these individuals will need to drink more alcohol every time to achieve the effects they desire.

Dangers of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Drinking more alcohol than the recommended weekly allowance of fourteen units is inadvisable as it can lead to a host of problems. However, drinking the full weekly allowance in one session is also not recommended. Binge drinking is a big problem here in the UK, with many young adults drinking well over the weekly allowance in one night.

Since the liver can only process approximately one unit of alcohol per hour, those who drink more than this will start to feel the effects. Alcohol impairs judgement and those under the influence may do things they would not even consider while sober.

A common occurrence among those who have had too much alcohol is getting behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol impairs judgement and slows down reaction times, so drinking while driving is not only dangerous but also illegal over a certain amount of alcohol.

Drink Driving

Former children’s television star Drake Bell has just been released from prison after forty-eight hours after being sentenced to ninety-six hours for driving under the influence. It is reported that his sentence was halved for good behaviour but he will now spend the next four years on probation and has been ordered to attend an alcohol education programme.

The star of popular kids’ TV programme Drake and Josh was arrested for DUI in December 2015 after police spotted him speeding and driving erratically. Officers noticed the smell of alcohol on him and administered a sobriety test. Police spokesperson Tahnee Lightfoot said he did not complete the test satisfactorily. This is not the first time that Bell has been charged with a drink driving offence. In 2009, he was arrested and charged in San Diego.

Fame and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is quite common among those living in the public eye. Drake Bell is not the first celebrity to be charged with driving under the influence. Lindsay Lohan, who also found fame at a young age, is probably more famous now for her many arrests than she is for any of her acting roles. She has also spent time behind bars and has struggled with both alcohol and drug addiction.

The pressures of life in the spotlight can often lead celebrities to abuse substances such as alcohol. Some of these personalities manage to hide the excesses of their alcohol abuse from the public, but others will crash and burn for all to see.

Many celebrities have had to attend alcohol detox programmes followed by rehabilitation, and a number will attend fellowship programmes for the rest of their lives in order to maintain their sobriety.

Beating Alcoholism

It is not just celebrities that abuse substances such as alcohol or take risks while under the influence. Many people forget that alcohol is addictive because of the fact that it is a socially acceptable substance. In fact, those adults who do not drink alcohol are in the minority here in the UK.

The trouble with alcohol is the fact that while most individuals never drink to get drunk, some people do just that. A growing number only ever drink with the intention of getting inebriated, which means they are risking their health and their safety.

Frequently drinking to excess is known as binge drinking, and this has serious implications for both mental and physical health; it can also lead to alcoholism for some individuals. Alcohol addiction occurs when a pattern of drinking develops that has an adverse impact on the affected individual’s life.

To beat alcoholism, an alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme is usually necessary. These programmes are provided by private clinics, charities, local support groups and the NHS. For help sourcing a suitable treatment provider, contact us here at Addiction Helper. Our free referral service includes a full assessment, which will give you a complete picture of your situation and treatment needs.

We will also provide you with information and advice about the types of treatments you can expect, and we will support you throughout your recovery journey. If you or someone you love is struggling because of alcoholism, contact Addiction Helper today. Our advisors have helped numerous people to find the most suitable provider for their needs – let them help you today.


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