New Trends: Smoking Alcohol? What’s the Story?

1-1265899593MCoAWhen it comes to drug taking new methods and substances come on the market at such a high-rate that governments and health officials struggle to keep on top of the alcohol abuse problem. Just when you think you have heard it all a new trend comes along and changes the game. The latest drug-taking trend to gain popularity is the worrying rise of teenagers ‘smoking’ alcohol.

When most people think of alcohol consumption they would think of drinking or other forms of ingestion, but smoking alcohol? How does that work? Using vaporising technology young people are able to turn alcohol into a breathable gas that health officials warn is incredibly dangerous to consume. Vaporising alcohol using air pumps or methods involving dry-ice allows an individual to change the state of alcohol from liquid to gas.

Inhaling alcohol works faster than drinking which is part of the danger, an individual may consume much more than they are capable of drinking by breathing in alcoholic vapour. The alcohol in the vapour goes straight into the bloodstream and to the brain taking instant effect.

Dr Timothy Dougherty of Philadelphia explains the quick thrill, he said: “It immediately goes into the bloodstream, and from the bloodstream goes into the brain, so it does happen very very quickly.”

The effect of ingesting large amounts of alcohol in an instant is the equivalent of a long binge drinking session in a very short space of time. This increases the chances of sickness or even alcohol poisoning. Abusing alcohol in this way even has the potential to cause brain damage as the body fails to adjust to chemical in-balance in the bloodstream and brain.

How-to videos have sprung up on the internet to allow people to try breathing in alcoholic vapour at home. Government and health workers are warning that no research has been carried on the affects of breathing in alcohol and the long -term effects on humans is not yet known, this makes the risk of sickness and even fatalities much greater as so much has yet to be leaned about this form of alcohol abuse.

As one inhales alcoholic vapour, it bypasses the stomach and liver going from the lungs directly to the brain and then into the bloodstream, leading to rapid alcohol intoxication. Since the alcohol is not metabolized by the liver, it has a higher strength and more potent effect as it enters the bloodstream going directly to the brain.

In the normal course of drinking, as people become more intoxicated, they generally vomit. Vomiting is the actually your body’s way of preventing an overdose. However, when alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver– as in ‘smoking’ alcohol– there is no effective way to get rid of it. Once the brain has absorbed the ethanol, there is no way to expel it from the body. This where the danger lies.

Long story short, don’t smoke alcohol, the risks are high and the long-term effects are unknown. Make the right decision.

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