Kenny Sansom Tries Alcohol Detox One Last Time to Overcome Alcoholism

Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be very tough; for some affected individuals, it will take a number of attempts at an alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme before finally managing to kick their habit for good. While some people will beat their demons after just one rehabilitation programme, others will succumb to relapse time and again. Former England footballer Kenny Sansom is one example.

One Last Attempt

Kenny, who played for England and Arsenal, has struggled with a devastating addiction to alcohol for many years and has had numerous attempts at alcohol detox and rehabilitation. Nevertheless, has always found himself back on the bottle.

However, his friend and former teammate at Arsenal, Niall Quinn, has arranged for Kenny to have one last attempt at getting clean. Niall has organised a ten-month alcohol detox treatment programme at a private clinic in the Republic of Ireland in the hope that Kenny will finally manage to overcome his addiction.

Better Off Dead

It was just two weeks ago that Kenny revealed in an interview with the Sunday People that he would be better off dead because of the effect that his addiction to alcohol and gambling have had on his life. A friend of Kenny’s said, “Kenny was due to go to the clinic last month, but he backed out at the last minute. He has gone there now because he knows he’ll die if he doesn’t do something quick. This is a new chance at life for him, and he’s finally ready to grasp it.”

He has now checked into the Tiglin Centre in County Wicklow, where he will be given around-the-clock support and care while he undergoes alcohol detox and rehabilitation for a period of ten months. According to the mission statement of the clinic, a ‘Christian Ethos’ is used ‘to provide individuals with an effective and comprehensive solution to life-controlling addiction problems in order to become productive members of society’.

Rock Bottom

Kenny has featured in many newspaper stories over the past few years as his life has spiralled out of control. His latest interview with the Sunday People revealed his belief that he has now hit ‘rock bottom’. The ex-star said he was ready to die and told of how he believed he would never overcome his illness. He also admitted to drinking up to four bottles of wine every day and that because he believes he cannot be helped, he has previously refused offers of help.

During the interview, he said: “I’m in the worst place I’ve ever been. I’ve never been this low. I want to kill myself. I don’t feel I’ve got anything left to live for. I can’t handle life anymore. If I could end it now, I would.”

Difficult Task

It will certainly be a difficult task for Kenny to recover considering he has tried alcohol detox and rehabilitation in the past without success. Just two months ago, comedian Russell Brand arranged for him to recover in a Coventry clinic with an eighteen-week stay. However, just days later Kenny discharged himself and started drinking again.

He has had turbulent times, recently having split from his partner of ten years Denise Mullins. At the time, paramedics and police were called as there were fears he might try to end his life. He has also been diagnosed with diabetes and has had to face the prospect of losing his left leg due to his illness.

A friend has now revealed that his health problems have given him the spur he needed to get help. The friend said, “His deteriorating health has really shocked him and finally given him the wake-up call he needed. We’re all hoping his stay in Ireland is going to get him on the straight and narrow once and for all. He says he’s determined to get his life back on track. Everyone is behind him.”

What is an Alcohol Detox?

Hopefully, Kenny will manage to beat his demons with this latest detox and rehabilitation programme. There are many people around the UK also struggling with alcoholism who would benefit from an alcohol detox. If you are such an individual but have never been through this process before, you may be wondering what to expect.

An alcohol detox is the process of separating the addict from alcohol, and it begins when the individual quits drinking. Withdrawal symptoms usually start around six to twelve hours after the last drink and tend to include restlessness, insomnia, mood swings, headaches, tremors, sweating, anxiety and nausea. It is also common to experience intense cravings for alcohol. Because of these symptoms, many alcoholics going through a detox will return to alcohol as they know that these symptoms will subside when they have a drink.

Here at Addiction Helper, we recommend clients undergo a detox in a supervised facility, as the aforementioned symptoms can be alleviated with medication and nutritional supplements when appropriate. If you would like further information on alcohol detox programmes in your area, contact Addiction Helper today.

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