Alcohol Helpline

Maybe your desperate for some help, some guidance or advice. This is the first time you have reached out perhaps, feelings of fear and anxiety knot in your stomach. Maybe questions such as “what if they think I’m stupid or over reacting?” are whirling round in your head. “will I just be wasting their time, or will they tell my family or social services?” Rest assured most people have these anxieties before picking up the telephone to make a call to an alcohol helpline that could potentially change their life as they have come to know it.

We understand

Asking for help for alcohol addiction is never easy and most addicts will have to be at a very low point in their life before reaching out. We appreciate that this takes great courage and strength and by calling our alcohol  helpline, you will have taken a very important first step. We are not here to judge or condemn, we merely wish to be helpful, besides half of our staff are in recovery themselves and have experienced the very same feelings of shame, guilt and fear at the height of their own addiction.


Our alcohol helpline, is completely confidential. We will not share information with anyone unless you give us specific permission to do so. We will not call your family, doctor or employer. Our aim is to build a trusting and supportive relationship that will help you access the treatment you need for your addiction. The only time we would consider breaking your confidence is if we strongly suspect that a child is being abused or you are in immediate danger of taking your own life or physically harming someone else. Other than that you can be assured that any information you provide during your call to our alcohol helpline will be treated with the strictest confidence and respect.

Addiction HelperWhy call our Alcohol helpline?

Addiction helper is able to advise on a number of different treatment options, according to your individual requirements. Whether it an immediate admission to a private rehab clinic, counselling services, or details of another organisation or what’s available on the NHS, the counsellors who man our alcohol helpline will be able to help. We will take a detailed assessment of your needs and advise you accordingly.

So don’t let fear overwhelm you call our alcohol helpline today and open the door to a brand new way of living. Call now for some friendly, helpful advice.

Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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