Help for Alcoholic Mums

Being a mother of children still in your care and being an alcoholic, is not something that is often talked about. The shame and fear the mother feels, will often will stop her from seeking help when she needs it most. How do you admit someone that the desire for alcohol is even stronger than the love you have for your own children? A mother’s love is seen to be the most powerful thing gifted to humanity. Mothers are seen as protectors and nurturers. So how can it be that an alcoholic mother will unintentionally endanger her own child’s life by perhaps drinking alcohol whilst the child is in their care? For those who have not suffered from alcoholism this can be very difficult to understand.

The first thing to take on board is that alcoholism is an illness. Sufferers do not choose to be alcoholic, alcoholism chooses them. Secondly, just because a mother is an alcoholic it does not mean that she does not love or care for her children. It is probable that she will be spending many hours chastising herself for her seemingly inability to control her drinking like others. This guilt can cause alcoholic mothers to feel too ashamed to admit that they have a problem. They may also be worried that confessing their alcoholism will mean the removal of their children from the family home by local authorities.

Alcohol addiction can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality or social standing. Just because you’re a mother to young children, does not mean you are immune to alcoholism.

If you are a mother, and are suffering from alcoholism, I would urge you to set aside your fears and shame and ask for help. Yes it may mean a period in a Treatment centre away from your family, but isn’t it far better that your children have a mummy that is fit and well enough to look after them, than not to have one at all?

A child is unlikely to recall negatively mummy being away for a period time having treatment for an illness; they are far more likely to remember mummy falling over drunk and hurting herself, or screaming at them in a drunken rage for the smallest of things, or coming home from school at night to find mummy unconscious from drink on the sofa.

Addiction Helper provides free and confidential advice, we are not here to judge, quite simply we are here to help. There is nothing more satisfying in my job than helping a mother to get well and take those first steps to a sober and happy life. Alcohol help is available, seek help before it’s too late.


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