Dealing with the Effects of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcoholism is an illness that affects many people here in the UK. To overcome it, these affected individuals will try various treatments, including detoxification; this process will often result in the addict experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, the intensity and severity of these withdrawals depend on the individual, what drug he or she has been abusing, and for how long. This means that it is almost impossible to predict how an individual will respond to a detox.

Some will voluntarily go through treatment to overcome their addiction while others will not. For example, former world champion bantamweight boxer Robbie Regan was handed a twelve-month jail term, which meant that he had no access to alcohol and was forced to go through the detoxification process and experience alcohol withdrawal in the process.

Nearly Lost Everything

Forty-eight-year-old Welsh boxer Robbie Regan almost lost everything due to his alcohol addiction; it has been twenty years since he won the world championship at his weight. In that time, he was forced to stop boxing due to illness, been to prison, and suffered from alcoholism. Nevertheless, the ex-bantamweight boxer has come back to show the world just what he is made of by opening his own boxing gym specifically aimed at encouraging local children to take up sport and turn it into a hobby or career.

World Turned Upside Down

Regan’s world was turned upside down just one year after he was crowned champ in 1996 when he had to give up boxing after failing a routine brain scan. He explained, “When I won it was like all of my dreams had come true. When your dream becomes reality, it’s the most amazing feeling. I didn’t start boxing until I was 15 years old and I was never interested in any sports, but when me and my brother went to the local gym with my uncle Pat, I fell in love with boxing. They were more interested in my brother than me, but he only went twice because he didn’t like it.”

When he began boxing, he would train for up to four hours every day; however, this came to a halt when he fell ill in the year after gaining the world title.

Becomes an Addiction

“I went for a year with glandular fever, and I was even at the gym when I had the virus. I could see punches coming but couldn’t get out of the way. The damage was done because of the illness I had. I could have gone to America and boxed there because the rules are different, but I said no – it was enough for me,” he said.

Once his boxing career came to an end, Regan fell into a deep depression and did not know what to do with himself. “I had a breakdown and turned to drink as a comfort. You drink to make you happy, but it becomes an addiction.”

Uncomfortable Alcohol Withdrawal

Regan was handed an eighteen-month prison sentence in 2004 for assault causing actual bodily harm, but this was then reduced to twelve months. He revealed that many inmates knew who he was and praised him for his boxing career. While in prison, this gave him the chance to go through the detoxification process and get clean before returning to society. Although he experienced uncomfortable alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he persevered and has been sober ever since. Regan now runs his own boxing gym in Cefn Fforest with his friend Julian Pritchard; they offer classes for children over the age of ten as well as adults.


Regan said, “I’m proud that I am able to give kids a chance, get them off the street. They might not be academic, but they can make a career out of it. In boxing, you have to be dedicated and live it around the clock. When you’re out of training, you are still boxing. Two of them we train at the gym became Welsh champions last year.”

Additional Information and Queries

Here at Addiction Helper, we work alongside many UK clinics that offer a range of treatments to assist those who are trying to overcome an alcohol addiction. These treatments usually include detoxification, but if not, we would always recommend that this process be undertaken while the addict is supervised to minimise the risk of any complications with alcohol withdrawal. Many of the clinics we work with offer both detoxification and rehabilitation programmes. We also work with dedicated detox facilities that specialise in helping individuals through this process. Our staff are welcoming and dedicated to ensuring that clients overcome their addiction and move on to lead a happy, sober life afterwards. For more information on how we can help, contact us today.

Source: Former world boxing champion turned his life around after battling alcohol and serving time in prison  (Wales Online)

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