Could You Beat Addiction with an Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation Programme?

For most people, the way to overcome alcoholism is a comprehensive recovery programme that incorporates an alcohol detox, rehabilitation and aftercare. This type of programme offers the best chance of long-term sobriety, but despite the success of this approach, it will not work for everyone, as anyone who has seen former footballer Paul Gascoigne recently will know all too well.

Gascoigne, or Gazza as he is fondly called, has been battling an alcohol addiction for years, and no matter how many attempts he has made to complete and alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme, he always seems to end up back on the booze. Sadly, he is now more well known for his antics off the pitch than on them, and that is saying something considering he was at one time regarded as one of the best football players in the world.

Drunken Bust-Up

Photos have emerged of troubled ex-footballer Gazza after he was involved in what has been described as a ‘drunken hotel bust-up’ in recent days. The star claimed he was kicked down a flight of stairs at a London hotel, which left him with a fractured skull and eleven stitches above his left eye.

He was photographed out and about with a bandage above his eye, looking ‘bruised and battered’. Gazza took to Twitter to tell his followers that he needed stitches on his eyelid after the altercation and that he would be returning to his hometown of Newcastle upon release from hospital.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Reports have surfaced that Gazza was acting inappropriately at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch on Tuesday 27th December. Witnesses have said that he was groping women, insulting other customers, and throwing cash around. One onlooker described him as ‘so drunk he’s drooling’. He was also said to be making racist comments at guests before slapping one in the face. It was at this point that the victim’s friend apparently kicked the star down a flight of stairs.

A tweet by Alvin Carpio read, “This may be one of the weirdest tweets that I’ve sent. I’m in Ace Hotel trying to read but can’t because Paul Gascoigne is behind me causing trouble.”

He followed this with several other tweets that read: “It gets crazier: Gazza has just been kicked down the stairs by a guy whose friend got slapped by him. He really isn’t in a good place. It’s a sad state: He’s been spitting, making racist remarks & groping women, all while throwing around £ notes. The police have arrived. I think they’re sorting things out. To see a guy who once peaked his profession like this is tragic.”


Another witness, James Eschauzier, described how Gazza had been provoked and ‘goaded’ by two Northern men. He said Gazza had been fine before the two men showed up. He said, “He was drinking loads of gin and cocktails. In the hour I was there, he had three gin and tonics. We spoke about George Best, and he had some good things to say about him, I didn’t have an argument with him myself. There were lots of drinks exchanged between everybody; he was in a good mood. Then two guys started provoking him; they were talking about the World Cup in 1990, and they were blaming him for losing.”

Eschauzier said the two men took things too far and provoked the star until he got angry. He said the men were blaming Gazza for the fact that England lost during the 1990 World Cup before he reacted by saying “Piss off. Any more of this and I’m walking out. You will regret what you just said.”

Eschauzier added, “He then left the bar and went outside. Then the next thing I knew he has been pushed down the stairs, I think he hit his head on the handrail. Everyone was shocked, Gazza didn’t deserve it, I think he just handled the situation badly.”

Long-Term Battle

Gazza’s struggles with alcohol have been well-documented over the past two decades, and this is not the first time he has been admitted to hospital due to alcohol. However, despite having been through an alcohol detox a number of times, he has never managed to beat his demons.

His personal struggles have meant he continually returns to alcohol when he feels down or lonely. This is something that many people will be able to relate to. Nevertheless, it would appear that no matter how many times he tries an alcohol detox or rehabilitation programme, he cannot overcome this devastating illness that has had him in its grip for so long.

Recovery is Possible

Despite Paul Gascoigne’s battle with alcohol and numerous attempts at rehab, we want you to know that recovery is possible. There is no denying that some people, like Gazza, cannot seem to beat their addiction, but the majority of those who commit to an alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme go on to live long and healthy sober lives.

Here at Addiction Helper, we can assist you if you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism. Our free service is available to everyone, and no matter what your circumstances or needs, we can help you to find a suitable rehab provider where you will be treated and helped to get better. Contact us today for more information.

Source: First pictures of Gazza emerging bruised and battered after he was ‘kicked down the stairs at a five-star hotel for drunkenly abusing guests’ (Daily Mail)

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