Charity Calls on Government to End Alcohol Misuse

A well-known UK charity has taken a bold step in challenging the government to step up to the challenge of ending alcohol addiction once and for all. In a recently released press release, AlcoHelp joined with a number of medical professionals calling out the government for not doing enough to tackle the alcohol abuse problem.

Each year alcohol misuse results in 1.2 million hospital admissions in the UK. Furthermore, an estimated 80,000 children are living with a parent who is misusing alcohol. The problem costs the criminal justice system approximately £11 billion annually, enough money for supporting an additional 260,000 police officers on the streets. And of course, the health implications of alcohol misuse are already widely known. Liver disease, for example, has increased among young people by more than 112% over the last 10 years.

AlcoHelp and the medical community are calling on the government to take the following actions:

  • introduction of a minimum price for alcohol – 50p per unit
  • require health warnings to cover at least one third of all container labels
  • restrict alcohol sales to certain times of the day
  • alter alcohol taxes to make them proportionate to the volume of alcohol in a given product
  • allow licencing authorities to control the amount of alcohol sold within their jurisdictions
  • prohibit all alcohol advertising and sponsorship
  • reduce the blood alcohol limit for drivers to 50mg/100ml
  • train all healthcare and social workers in early identification and dispensing of advice
  • provide routine referrals to specialist alcohol services able to offer comprehensive treatment. 

In order to garner public support, the group is encouraging citizens to get involved by participating in a social media thunderclap on Friday, September 5. The point of the thunderclap is to encourage people to contact their MPs to demand the government take action.

AlcoHelp also encourages people to download and display a free infographic on their own websites. The infographic clearly shows the devastation of alcohol misuse in the UK by presenting facts and figures in an easy-to-understand format. You can find the infographic here. Simply copy the code underneath the infographic and paste it into the code of your own site.

Taking a Stand

Addiction Helper applauds AlcoHelp and the healthcare community for taking such a strong stand against alcohol misuse. Alcohol is, without doubt, the most misused and abused drug in the UK. Not until we get a handle on alcohol do we have any hope of controlling illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and legal highs. It is time we all take a stand against alcohol misuse.

Having said that, Addiction Helper wants to assist you in overcoming your alcohol addiction by providing you with a comprehensive evaluation, sound advice, and referral to a treatment programme near you. We work with both private clinics and other service providers offering proven treatments that include medically supervised detox and psychotherapy.

We urge you to call our 24-hour recovery helpline right away. Every day you delay is another day you are allowing yourself to be controlled by alcohol. Remember, these are days you can never get back. For the sake of yourself and your family, let us help you get the treatment you need to achieve long-term sobriety. You can do it with our help and the right treatment.

Addiction Helper is an organisation providing evaluations, advice and referral services to alcoholics and drug addicts across the UK. All of our services are free and completely confidential. You have nothing to lose by contacting us for help.

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