Bootleg Alcohol kills 32 in Northern India

India1_0Police in northern India say a batch of toxic bootleg alcohol has killed at least 32 people, mostly poor labourers, and made dozens more ill.

Police officer Arvibnd Sen says the victims bought the taintedalcohol on Thursday from a shop in Adampur village in Azamgarh district, in Uttar Pradesh state.

They started falling sick immediately after drinking it, and were taken to local hospitals. He said today that 32 people were dead by last night.

He says another 50 were treated in hospitals, and that eight state government officials and four police officers have been suspended as authorities investigate the deaths.

Deaths from drinking illegally brewed alcohol are common in India since the poor cannot afford licensed products. This is just one of the many instances of alcohol addiction leading to severe body damage.

Illicit alcohol is often spiked with chemicals to increase potency.

Courtesy of Press Association.

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