Alcoholism – Why Alcohol Withdrawal is the Only Way to Get Better

Although many people are of the opinion that there is a particular type of person who becomes affected by alcohol addiction, the reality is completely different. This is an illness that can affect anyone, no matter where they come from, what age they are or how much money they have. Those who are affected by alcoholism will have to go through the process of alcohol withdrawal in order to get better, but before that process can begin, the individual will have to be able to accept a diagnosis of alcoholic first. This is often the most difficult part of alcohol recovery.

A Universal Problem

Alcohol addiction stereotyping means that many believe that those affected drink from the moment they wake up each day and then spend all day every day drinking. They may also think that alcoholics are all over the age of forty, wear cheap clothing, and have no interest in personal grooming or hygiene. The stereotypical alcoholic will also be aggressive and violent when under the influence and will be unable to hold down a job.

However, the reality is often very different; alcoholism affects many people, and even those you may least expect. Some are able to hide their addictions from everyone, even those who are closest to them. And many alcoholics are those who most would not expect to be affected.

Alcohol addiction is a common problem in sports. Former footballer Ray Wilkins has admitted to having struggled with alcoholism. He is not the first person within the sports industry to have been affected by alcohol addiction. Brazilian footballer Cicinho has also recently spoken out about how alcoholism destroyed his career.

Unnecessary Risks

Those who are affected by alcoholism often take unnecessary risks while under the influence of alcohol. Wilkins, for example, was recently found guilty of driving while three times over the legal drink-driving limit. This has had a detrimental effect on his life as well as the lives of those closest to him. He has received a four-year driving ban, a suspended prison sentence, and was ordered to do 140 hours of community service.

Wilkins was seen drinking alcohol behind the wheel of his car, and he hit a kerb while driving. He admitted to having an alcohol problem, and said, “Abstinence is the only way I can cure this situation.”

His lawyer said that he is deeply ashamed of his actions and does not even remember anything about what happened. He knows that alcohol withdrawal is the only way to overcome his addiction. The lawyer added, “He is now working hard to turn his life around. He knows his marriage is in jeopardy if he continues to drink.”

Wilkins is now receiving alcohol withdrawal treatment at a rehab facility, where hopefully he will manage to get his addiction under control.

Alcohol and Life in the Spotlight

Many celebrities and sports stars find themselves struggling to cope with the pressures of life under the spotlight. A significant number of these will subsequently turn to substances such as alcohol and drugs to help relieve the stress. Cicinho is another sports star who has developed a problem with alcoholism; it has had a devastating impact on his career.

After transferring to Real Madrid from Sao Paulo in 2006, he became an instant draw with fans because of his blistering pace. However, an injury in the early part of the 2006-2007 season ruled him out for six months. This led to him losing his starting place in the team.

While fans were watching him playing on the field, many were unaware that the star was also dealing with a crippling alcohol addiction. This resulted in doctors telling him that he could die if he did not stop drinking. He said, “They said to me: ‘If you keep going with this life, you will die’.”

Beating Alcoholism through Withdrawal

It is never easy to overcome any type of addiction, but because of the way alcohol affects the body, this addiction can be even more complicated. Those who want to beat their addiction will have to go through alcohol withdrawal before they can start the process of rehabilitation.

Many alcoholics will suffer the consequences of their addiction for many years before they finally reach out for help. In the meantime, their family members and friends could suffer too. Once the affected person can accept that he or she has a problem, this individual is then in a position to get help.

The first port of call is usually alcohol detox, which is then followed by alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab takes place within an inpatient or outpatient facility and is provided by a variety of organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

If you need help accessing treatment for alcoholism, contact us here at Addiction Helper today. Our service is completely free, and you are under no obligation to go on to treatment until you are ready to do so. Call us today for more information.


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