Effects on the Body of Long-Term Excessive Drinking

Frontman of Canadian rock band Sum 41, Deryck Whibley, has spoken out of his brush with death caused by alcohol abuse. Whibley’s kidney and liver collapsed last year as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, with the star being rushed to hospital. He was placed in an induced coma to allow his body to cope with substance withdrawal symptoms, and he spent more than a month in hospital.

Road to Recovery

Whibley is now on the road to recovery but admits that his body was affected by being in hospital for so long; he is still finding it difficult to walk. He spoke of how his muscles had depleted and that, for a long time, he was unable to walk at all. Even now, he is trying to re-train himself to walk properly again.


Whibley admits that he was lucky because his liver was not permanently damaged. He is not suffering from cirrhosis, and he will not require a liver transplant, but the star knows it could have been much worse.

His brush with death was revealed to fans a month after it had happened, when he posted a picture of himself in his hospital bed on his blog. He told fans that he had collapsed at home and a week later had woken up in hospital. He said, “The doctors said I was lucky to be alive and that there was still a chance I could die.”

Party Lifestyle

Huge success at such an early age lead to a partying lifestyle as the band toured the world. Whibley admits that partying came hand in hand with the lifestyle they were living and says, “It’s a lot of stress, it’s a tough lifestyle.”

He says he drank as a way to cope with the life he was living and used alcohol to get him up each day and ‘fake energy’. He has also admitted that sometimes he used shots to give him the energy to get on stage.

However, despite the trauma suffered by his body, Whibley is glad it happened at the age of thirty-five rather than when he was in his fifties, as he believes his body would not have coped in the same way.


Whibley also says that he is not worried about being unable to drink anymore because he already has those experiences. He admits that he is now excited to enjoy the world ‘sober’ for once. He says he is much healthier now and feels much better, saying, “I’d never done anything sober. I’ve been a hard partying drinker since I was 17.”

He is looking forward to seeing the world through sober eyes.

How Alcoholism Affects the Body

Long-term drinking can cause a number of debilitating effects on the body, as was the case of Deryck Whibley. However, despite the damage suffered by the star, he was lucky in comparison with many others.

Some people who have been drinking heavily for a long time will suffer with cirrhosis of the liver while others will require a transplant when their liver cannot repair itself and can no longer function the way it should.

Help for Alcoholism

Addiction is an illness and, as with other illnesses, it requires treatment. Thankfully, there are many treatment providers all over the UK helping people suffering from alcoholism and many other types of addiction.

Addiction Helper is a referral service working with these treatment providers. We put clients in touch with organisations from which they can access the treatments they need to get better. If you or a loved one is suffering from an alcohol addiction and need help, contact Addiction Helper today for more information.

Source: Daily Mail

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