Does alcohol advertising encourage us to drink

Ban on displaying alcohol?

Upon going to my local shop to buy some milk this morning, it struck me that right next to the milk, there were cans of cider. This really angered me; yes, I understand that just displaying it is not forcing the person to pick it up, but if that is the case, why have they stopped displaying tobacco? To the best of my knowledge I’ve never had to lean over a packet of cigarettes to pick up bread, yet the government have decided that it will reduce the number of people that start smoking if the tobacco products are hidden from view. Why have they not applied the same rules to alcohol?

The same is true for the smoking ban, gradually more and more places are being added to the list of places it is illegal to smoke, with the hope that more and more people will give up smoking, but there are few restrictions to where alcohol can be consumed. Yes, I realise that the smoking ban concerns passive smoking which is not the case with alcohol, but surely putting some boundaries in place could benefit those who drink too much? Longer licensing hours for example; you can no longer smoke in a pub but you can drink until 6am in certain places.

I can’t help taking the viewpoint that it all comes down to what the government can get away with; the dangers of smoking are well advertised and so the government is seen to be helping by developing these new laws. But when was the last time you saw a health warning displayed on alcohol as clearly as it is displayed on tobacco? And why are supermarkets allowed to advertise when they have offers on alcohol? The government makes an obscene amount of money from the taxation of alcohol. Shame they don’t plough more of it into helping the people that suffer as a result of their alcohol abuse.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the ban on advertising tobacco? Should it be applied to alcohol? We want to hear your views on alcohol addiction and how taxation cold work.

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