KISS’ Gene Simmons: Drugs and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Legendary rocker and KISS front man Gene Simmons is, by all accounts, a personal and commercial success. Not only is he a member of one of the most successful American rock bands in history, he is also an author, actor, record producer, songwriter and TV personality. And according to the man himself, he has never been high or drunk.

KISS fans might find that hard to believe, but Simmons insists he learned early on that ‘drugs and alcohol don’t mix’ with success. In a recent interview, Simmons told the Naperville Sun that using drugs and alcohol is one way to become one of life’s losers. He made it clear that you cannot be a winner if you are constantly drunk or high.

The interview was given as part of the promotion of Simmons’ new book, Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business. The rather voluminous title pretty much explains what the book is about. In it, Simmons writes about former band members Ace Fraley and Peter Criss who, by their own admission, have struggled with alcohol and drugs. Simmons says that success requires you to learn to get along with people, though that does not mean doing what they do. He also claims that Paul Stanley, the only other original band member still with KISS, was not one to get drunk or high either.

Along with avoiding drugs and alcohol, Simmons also says individual success rests in the type of people one chooses to associate with. He says he prefers to hang out with people who are ‘smarter and richer’ because he can learn things from them. He wants his fans to stay away from those who are a bad influence.

Walk the Walk

Not everyone appreciates the candour and outspokenness routinely displayed by the 65-year-old Simmons. However, it is hard to argue with a man who walks the walk. Gene Simmons is not someone who does a TV advert about the dangers of teen drug use before heading off to rehab. He has very strong convictions by which he seems to live, regardless of whether or not they are popular. Moreover, to live by those convictions in an environment that openly embraces alcohol and drug abuse says something.

Perhaps Simmons’ philosophy is one that should be added to the list of things we use to educate young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Perhaps there are some young people that would believe his message that drugs and alcohol do not mix with success, taking it seriously enough to simply abstain. We do not all agree on everything Gene Simmons has to say, but it’s hard to find someone who would disagree with the premise that drug and alcohol abuse leads to failure on multiple levels.

Change Your Life

Let us assume that Gene Simmons is correct in his assertions about drugs and alcohol. What does that mean for someone who is already abusing or addicted? It means that the individual still has a choice to make. Either continued abuse or addiction will lead to failure, or the choice can be made to get the treatment necessary to overcome drugs and alcohol. In either case, success is not possible if one is drunk and high all the time.

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