Is my partner drinking in secret?


If you think your partner may have a problem with their drinking it is easy to interpret behaviour that is out of character as being related to alcohol. Behaviour that you normally would not put up with and a change of character can be difficult to cope with when your partner is addicted to alcohol. Addiction causes many problems in relationships. The threat of repercussions and breakdown of the relationship is very real put the alcoholic may find themselves still reaching for another drink. They may know full well the problems it is causing power this over their uncontrollable urge to drink.

Someone who is drinking in secret may display signs of moodiness, irritability, paranoia and behaviour that may be a normal the drinker may retreat into themselves as they become consumed by their addiction. A partner will be neglected in favour of alcohol and drug can behaviours such as domestic abuse and violent disorder offences are common to the common wall, in relationships where alcohol abuse is a factor.

Finances are also affected when someone has a problem with alcohol. The cost of alcohol could be prohibitive. If you find that your partner is pouring money to buy booze or choosing not to pay bills and buy alcohol instead then the drinking needs to be addressed and they have to stop or cut down. The emotional course is particularly high if a problem drinker has children as the effects of their parent addiction cause problems for them to. Children of drink is frequently suffer from low self-esteem, first self image and may have problems with intimate relationships at last to adult hood.

Stopping drinking suddenly for a heavy drinker can be catastrophic. Alcohol has a degenerative effect on the body and stopping drinking suddenly can cause body go into shock. This can have potentially fatal consequences. Any attempt to withdrawal should be supervised by a medical professional

someone is drinking in secret may display an increase in problems with physical health. They may have trouble sleeping or suffer from suddenly gave or loss. These can all be early signs that your loved one is having problems with alcohol. The may suffer from minor injuries and loss of physical control whilst drinking. As the alcohol ravages their body they may suffer from skin problems and their overall appearance may suffer. Interest in how they look or paying less attention to physical hygiene can be signs someone has a problem with drinking. These are just the start of the physical effects of alcohol long-term use can have consequences such as liver problems, stroke, cancers, heart disease section dysfunction, and diabetes amongst many other conditions.

Does your loved one says that they can stop drinking but never actually do it? Others may stop drinking for a short period to demonstrate that they do not have a problem but will end up drinking again. If they cannot give up drinking then they could be at risk. Professional help should be sought immediately If you suspect your partner has a problem with alcohol then it’s better you do something about it straight away. Seek addiction advice from Addiction Helper or similar organisations which can provide you with the reliable and trustworthy sources of support.

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