Drug Counselling

Before drug counselling is considered, it is firstly important to establish whether the person is in need of a detox. Whilst drug counselling is useful to anyone with an addiction, it can be difficult for the person to engage with their counsellor while they are under the influence of a substance. Therefore, if someone is physically dependent on a substance, they will need to complete a detox programme, usually as part of a residential rehabilitation programme.

Drug CounsellingOnce the physical aspects of the addiction have been addressed, then drug counselling is the next step towards recovery. People use drugs for many reasons; some to deal with stress, some to block out trauma, some start recreationally. Regardless of the reason, it is important for the person to identify it. Every person will also have their own individual triggers such as a certain time of the day/week, seeing certain people, stress at work etc. Once these triggers have been recognised, it will be possible for the person to develop more appropriate coping strategies for when the triggers present themselves in the future. These are all things a drugs counsellor will work on with the person.

Avoid Relapse

Understanding the nature of addiction is also a crucial part of drug counselling. Most relapses occur when the person has not fully comprehended what their addiction means, and so to attempt to avoid future relapses, drug counselling will also work on the awareness around an addiction. There is a fairly equal ratio of those drug counsellors who are in recovery themselves, and those who are not. This means the person in need of counselling will be able to decide their personal preference, then find the person most appropriate. Addiction Helper works with drug counsellors throughout the UK and can provide direction towards the most appropriate counsellor for any given situation. Just call and we can discuss what is most likely to result in successful recovery.

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