Why choose treatment in South Africa?

If you decided that residential rehabilitation treatment is the way forward for you, you may be considering treatment options abroad. Whilst the thought of leaving your loved ones for a number of weeks can be frightening, there is a certain appeal in “getting away from it all”. But making a decision about where to get treatment abroad can be very difficult, as its not somewhere you can pop over to visit before you commit to an admission. Also the thought of a long haul flight in your current fragile condition can be overwhelming

Sober Services

Firstly Addiction Helper can help alleviate most of the anxiety associated with travelling alone by providing you with a sober companion for the trip. The sober companion will be with you from your doorstep right all the way to the treatment centre chosen. They will be trained in drug treatment counselling, and so will be understanding and empathetic to your needs.
Value for money

There are many benefits to getting your drug/alcohol/behavioural addiction treatment in rehab in South Africa. South Africa is very good value for money and competitive with most UK rehabs. It is accessible to people from all walks of life and treatment can start from as little as £5000 for 28 days inpatient treatment and an aftercare package back home. This includes a detox, your accommodation, food and full treatment program for the duration of your stay

Specialist Trauma Treatment

Our South African rehabs offer specialist therapy in many areas that most UK rehabs don’t, such as post-traumatic stress and sexual trauma. Their therapists are trained to the highest standards and many have trained with the world leaders in treating trauma in America’s top rehabs. All counsellors are trained and qualified to degree level and have extensive experience in treating substance abuse and behavioural addictions.

Gender Separate Treatment

This is something that is not a standard part of treatment programs over here in the UK. The aim of gender separate treatment programs is not to single out or differentiate between the sexes, but to produce a safe and sensitive environment for clients dealing with shame based behaviours. This may include sexual trauma and acting out. We have found this environment to be very successful in treating deep seated issues that clients might otherwise be unwilling to disclose. This has a very positive impact in them moving forward with their recovery, and they are less likely to relapse, having been able to address what is troubling them most

Luxury Facilities

Our South African Rehabs clients have a choice of upgrading to a private suite. This will be a large and spacious apartment, furnished and equipped to a high standard in which they can take time out to relax after engaging in therapy all day.

Who am I calling?

Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step

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