Unfortunate Crime Highlights Consequences of Drug Use

A recent and unfortunate theft committed by a former drug addict is shining the light on one of the consequences of drug use that we rarely talk about: crime. The theft was perpetrated by a 25-year-old Devon man who said he committed the crime in order to pay off some of his old drug dealing debts. He claimed he was bullied into the act by a group of people to whom he owed money.

What makes this crime so unfortunate is the fact that the man had been given a second chance. After completing a drug rehabilitation programme, he was given a suspended sentence on a drug dealing charge from a few months ago. All he had to do was stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, he will now pay the consequences for both the theft and his previous crime.

The link between criminal acts and drug use is one that we cannot ignore. If you are a drug user, it’s one you should certainly not ignore. Drug use is an expensive habit that easily leads people down a destructive path that often includes crime. And make no mistake about it; the criminal link is there even among white-collar drug users with full-time jobs.

Reduced Earning Power

Step back and imagine a drug dealer approaching a young person who has never used illegal substances before. What do you suppose that dealer will say? You can bet he or she will not tell the young person that long-term drug use could eventually cost him or her their job. The dealer will not say that drugs consistently reduce a person’s earning power because they also reduce his or her reliability and work ethic. The dealer will not tell the intended victim that the downward spiral induced by drug use could leave him or her committing unimaginable crimes. However, that is exactly what happens.

You might be someone who started taking drugs under the false impression that they are easily controlled. Perhaps you are now recognising your error. The truth is that the average drug user cannot control his or her use after developing a consistent habit. The drugs control him or her instead.

The white-collar cocaine addict can be on top of the world today, only to hit rock bottom next month once his or her bank account runs dry. What will be done then? Will he or she steal from this company to support their habit? Alternatively, maybe he or she will steal from their elderly parents, robbing them of the opportunity to live a comfortable retirement. The possibilities are as frightening as they are endless.

Reduced Earning Power

DrugScope estimates, based on drug treatment statistics and police reports, that as much as £2.5 billion in goods and personal property is stolen each year to support drug habits in the UK. The crimes involved can be anything from shoplifting to pilfering a parked car to home burglary. The problem is very real and one that should not be dismissed.

We urge you, if you are a regular user of drugs, to get help now – before you find yourself facing charges of theft or larceny. Living the rest of your life as a convicted criminal is a lot worse than you might think. Just ask anyone who is already there. To a person, they will all tell you that it was not worth it.

Addiction Helper is here to assist you. We provide a 24-hour recovery helpline that you can call free of charge. When you do call, one of our trained and experienced counsellors will listen to everything you have to say before providing you with sound advice and treatment referrals. Do not end up in jail. Instead, get help for your drug problem today.


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