How to Tell if Someone Has an Addiction?

Many people have an idea of what an addict looks like. This is largely to do with how the media portrays addicted people. However, not all addicts show physical signs that they have a problem. Some individuals that abuse substances such as drugs or alcohol can hide their addiction from the outside world, but those who know them well may be able to spot certain signs that there is a problem.

Addiction is an illness that causes individuals to engage in specific activities including gambling, sex, or shopping, or take certain substances such as alcohol or drugs, despite the fact that doing so can be harmful. Those who suffer from addiction have no control over their impulses, and they will become dependent on certain substances or activities to help them cope with daily life.

Spotting an Addict

Some people have the false impression that addicts are all homeless individuals living on the streets. However, addiction can affect anyone, and many who are highly successful in their careers and who appear to have a good home life can be secretly hiding the fact that they are dependent on drugs or alcohol. These addicts are difficult to spot and, in some cases, even those closest to them may not realise that their loved one is suffering from addiction.

One of the easiest addictions to hide is a gambling addiction. Gambling addiction affects many throughout the UK, and online gambling has made it much easier for people to gamble in secret. They can do so on mobile devices or laptops, as long as they have access to the internet and a bank account or credit card.

Common Signs of Substance Addiction

It is easier to tell if someone has a problem with a substance such as alcohol or drugs because, after a while, these people will typically exhibit a number of physical symptoms. Although it is also possible to hide a substance addiction, those who are on the lookout may be able to spot subtle signs.

  • Individuals with substance addictions commonly experience changes in their appetite. They may have suddenly gained or lost weight. They may also seem ill each morning, and this will usually be because they are suffering after taking substances the previous night.
  • Because substance abuse physically affects users, they may need to take time off work or may begin to show up late.
  • Dilated pupils may be another sign that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and you may notice that this person always seems to be eating mints in an effort to disguise the smell of alcohol.
  • Addicts often have periods of highs followed by episodes of lows. Mood swings are common, as are aggressive or violent outbursts.
  • Tremors are commonplace in addicts, and they may slur their words from time to time as well. Some addicts may lose interest in personal hygiene while some will have strange smells on their clothes or body.

Getting Help

If someone you love is exhibiting any of the signs listed above and you are concerned that addiction may be the problem, assistance is available from Addiction Helper. We can help to either put your mind at rest or confirm your fears and, if the latter is the case, we can provide you with information on what the next steps are.

Call Addiction Helper’s expert advisors today for support and advice on how to deal with the problem. We can advise on treatments available as well as providing information on how to access these treatments.

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