Runny Nose or Nose Sores (If Snorting Drugs)

A runny nose and nose sores are two of the most common symptoms that you can expect to encounter if you snort drugs like cocaine. Cocaine irritates the lining of the nose, and causes a runny nose, sniffling, nose bleeds, and can even cause loss of smell. When snorting drugs becomes a habit, critical damage to the nasal passages may be inevitable. Chronic cocaine users often suffer from a damaged nose, generally referred to as “septal perforation”.

Cocaine is the most popular drug that people snort, and sometimes other drugs are mixed with cocaine and snorted alongside it. Considering the drastic and uncomfortable damage that snorting cocaine can do to the nose, one might think that cocaine users would inject or swallow cocaine instead of snorting it. However, cocaine users often prefer snorting it because, next to injecting, this method allows for a high feeling almost immediately. When blood supply eventually drops as a result of habitual snorting, a small hole can appear between the nasal passages. This will create intense discomfort for the drug addict, as no one really enjoys a runny nose or nose sores. However, at this time, the damage could still be reversed, but, if the addict continues using, the entire nose may collapse as the septum becomes too severely damaged to cope.

What are the Symptoms that Accompany A Runny Nose or Nose Sores?

When you develop a runny nose or nose sores from snorting drugs, you may also encounter other symptoms such as:

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  • Post-nasal drip (the sensation that there’s a downward dripping of mucus from the back of your nose)
  • Congestion (excess mucus blocks the air passages of the nose)
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Sinus pressure (inflammation of the lining membrane in the nose)
  • Sore throat (painful throat as a result of inflammation)
  • Sneezing
  • Cough

A runny nose as a result of snorting cocaine can keep you awake at night, and the resulting insomnia may lead to more severe conditions.

When Should I See a Professional?

The treatment of any condition that develops as a result of drug addiction usually requires that the addict treat said addiction before anything else. So, addicts should be ready and willing to tackle their drug habit. When snorting cocaine results in a runny nose or nose sores, it is crucial to visit a doctor immediately, particularly if you have trouble breathing, a foreign body in your nose, a nosebleed that takes a long time to stop, and/or a high fever.

It’s also important to seek medical help as soon as the sores develop in your nose, or your nose starts dripping, because ignoring this symptom can lead to severe damage of the septum. If you don’t want to lose your sense of smell, or your nose entirely, speaking with a professional is an urgent action you need to take. Most cocaine users think of this symptom as being insignificant, due to the existence of plastic surgery, but there’s only so much a plastic surgeon can do.

Besides, a plastic surgeon that wants to fix the nose of a cocaine user usually advises that they stop using, to avoid encountering further complications after surgery. So it’s a lose-lose situation, you either choose to stop snorting cocaine or you may have to learn to accept to life without a nose.

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