Combativeness and Aggressiveness

The Most Common Drugs That Can Cause Combativeness and Aggressiveness in a Person

One of the most common ways you can spot drug abuse in a person is from sudden aggression and combativeness. A person whose attitude is normally calm and quiet and suddenly becomes combative – this can be indicative of drug abuse. This combativeness can put family members, and those around the drug user, at risk of getting harmed.

If this condition becomes severe, it can lead to a breakdown, and your loved one might end up in an emergency unit. This can be dangerous because, in this state, they might be unconscious and unable to tell the doctors and nurses what they have taken to cause the breakdown. This can make the specialists unable to help efficiently.

The life-threatening danger of taking drugs that can lead to a combative or aggressive state is that it can cause a mental and physical breakdown, which could possibly lead to serious health complications. It might also cause aggressiveness even towards strangers, and this can leave you at the receiving end of an attack.

The Most Common Drugs: Stimulants

Stimulant drugs can cause hallucinations and paranoia, especially when taken in huge doses. This can lead you to believe those around you are trying to harm you, or that there are people following you, or that there have been people sent to kidnap you, or even that inanimate objects have been sent to cause you harm.

The paranoia and hallucinations will make you feel the need to attack those around you as a way of protecting yourself. You may have a breakdown after several days of staying awake in a bid to ward off the attacks which you think are about to come your way.

The problem with stimulants is that they are highly addictive, and after you’ve regained consciousness from your breakdown, you will find yourself going back to take more of the drugs that caused your hallucination in the first place. This continues the aggressive cycle.

Stimulant drugs include:

  • Synthetic marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine
  • Methylone and Mephedrone

Amphetamine, methamphetamine, and cocaine are drugs which can cause combativeness from heavy use. Methylone and mephedrone can cause combativeness at any time.

Other Drugs That Can Cause Combativeness

  • Hallucinogens: LSD and PCP can give you hallucinations, which cause you to be combative if your hallucination scares you. In this class of drugs, PCP is known to be the cause of more severe combativeness. It reduces your ability to feel pain, which means you may keep on attacking without stopping, even when you have been injured.
  • Ecstasy: This has been known to cause panic attacks, as well as paranoia which can cause you to be combative.
  • Marijuana: while this substance is known to have a sedative effect, it can cause aggression if you use it frequently in heavy
  • Alpha-PVP: This is a synthetic drug that can cause hallucinations and combativeness. It can also cause organ breakdown, as it leads to increase in body temperature. This can lead to death.

Substance abuse can be dangerous and life-threatening. It can even lead to serious complications in both mental and physical health and wellbeing if care is not taken. The best solution is to enrol yourself in a programme that will help you heal from your addiction.

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