Ryan Giggs credits Yoga exercises for his long career

Last Saturday saw Ryan Giggs play his one thousandth game for Manchester United. The former Welsh international has been a favourite at Old Trafford since joining the club as a schoolboy. It took considerable persuasion from legendary manager Alex Ferguson to convince the young lad to sign for Manchester United. The canny manager’s knack of spotting talent paid off and over 20 years later Giggs is still playing regularly and scoring goals for one of the most profitable football clubs in the world. Some of Giggs’ current teammates weren’t even born when he started playing for the sport club all those years ago. Giggs’ tenure with the club has spanned 22 years and he is a legend in the football world.

Yoga in sport

Ryan Giggs has often credited his longevity and stamina to the beneficial effects of yoga. In 2005 he even released a fitness DVD which heavily featured yoga exercises. He credits the ancient art with helping instil him with greater mental strength and self-belief which is essential for a long-lasting sports career. Tellingly, Giggs is the most decorated footballer in the history of English football. Whilst he may have spent his career at an English club, he refused a chance to play for England in favour of playing for his native Wales.

Yoga for strength and stamina

The benefits of Yoga aren’t just for sporting superstars. Yoga has been proven to help in rehabilitation treatments.  Yoga takes a holistic approach to healing and is used to treat the mind and body. An ancient discipline encompassing the mind, body and spirit, it originated in Yoga and devotees have been practising it for thousands of years. Yoga was brought to the western world by monks in the late 19th century and in the 1980’s gained great popularity as an exercise program which continues to this day. Long-term practice of the ancient discipline is proven to shore improvements in both musculoskeletal health and stronger mental health.

Yoga in Rehab

Yoga and its associated breathing exercises can be especially effective in helping give up cannabis. Cannabis is currently the most widely abused illegal drug in the UK. Until recently it wasn’t considered addictive but studies now contradict this. Yoga helps develop stress management routines that can be essential in maintaining rehabilitation. Requires self-protection and inner strength and yoga exercises can provide a useful tool in increasing spiritual and physical strength and.  Pilates is also used to similar effect in recovery treatments and both can be very effective. Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular to complement traditional rehabilitation practices.ryanyoga

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