Drugs and Sport: What Makes Sportspeople Use Drugs?

drugs_l_1sInside every single one of us to some extent or another is the desire to feel special and worthwhile. To be the best at something and be revered for having a skill and talent is something that any person would desire for their life.

Being the best used to be about being the best, but as society develops so has sport and the competitiveness, risk and reward involved, in this now worldwide business-led industry, has never been fiercer.

As phrases like ‘winning is everything’ and ‘win at all costs’ are banded the mentality of individuals competing in sport has changed, creating the perception that you must do anything to win.

In recent times some athletes and sportspeople are seemingly turning to drugs and other performance enhancing substances to boost their performances and give them an advantage. Whilst not every talented sports personality is enhancing their performance medically there is a definite relationship between competitive professional sport and drugs.

As you read this in your own mind you will be able to think of a few examples of a sportsperson that was found to be using drugs or banned/listed substances. Over the next few days Addiction Helper will examine this trend and ask why is it happening and how can it be stopped?

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