Plastic Surgery Addiction

Many people dream about getting plastic surgery; a little nip here, a tuck there – these days we can achieve pretty much any look we desire through cosmetic surgery. This can be a huge confidence boost and can improve self-esteem for those who are unhappy with their appearance. But at what point does this search for perfection turn into a plastic surgery addiction?

Plastic surgery used to be something that only the very wealthy or celebrities could afford. However the prices have reduced to an extent that they have become obtainable to most people that wish to explore the possibilities. Lately, there has even been an increase in “lunch-hour facelifts” where individuals can receive botox or chemical peels with very little inconvenience.

But with cosmetic surgery becoming readily available, it also paves the way for an increase in the prevalence of plastic surgery addiction. The problem with this sort of surgery, is that it is usually most appealing to those who are vulnerable and have low self-esteem. The confidence boost and rush of endorphins that many individuals experience after their surgery can become addictive, and so they will endure often painful procedures in search of validation from their appearance. Of course we have all seen pictures of celebrities that have taken it to the extreme and no longer resemble human beings – as with any addiction, it becomes impossible for a plastic surgery addict to say no; they are not in control.

Therefore, plastic surgery needs to be viewed in the same way as any other addiction – it is vital to look at the underlying reasons why it is present within that individual and to provide a programme of recovery to ensure that the individual is able to live a surgery-free life in future.

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