Why Is Addiction Relapse Seen as Failure?

Those who fall victim to drug or alcohol addiction will know that it is certainly no easy ride – especially when trying to overcome it. While trying to beat the habit once and for all, an addict will likely experience addiction relapse, which can be distressing and uncomfortable. In many cases, an addict will delay his or her recovery as this person is frightened that even if he/she does overcome their addiction, they will relapse at a later date. For many, this is a case of pride, as they do not want to be seen as a failure if they do relapse.

However, an addiction relapse does not in any way signify failure; it is something that can happen to anyone and the individual just needs to pick him/herself back up again. Unfortunately, though, in some cases, the addict will wait too long before trying again and will succumb to their illness; this happened to Lee Nutley, whose life was documented on the TV series Benefits Street.

Hole in their Lives

Lee, who appeared on the second series of Benefits Street, was found dead inside his flat by his father, just eighteen months after the first episode of the show was aired. He passed away due to ischemic heart disease, which was a result of long-term drug abuse; his grief-stricken family have said it has left a hole in their lives that can never be filled. Lee captured the hearts of the show’s fans with his honesty and humour; he was open about his drug issues and talked about his close relationship with his mother, Chrissie.

‘A Lovable Rogue’

Speaking of the tragedy, Chrissie said, “He didn’t hide anything about himself. Sometimes he didn’t make the right decisions in his life. He was a brilliant lad – a lovable rogue.”

Lee has left behind three sisters, 42-year-old Lynsey, 40-year-old Dawn and 30-year-old Kirsty. Dawn explained that he had worked the majority of his life fixing steel, like his father before him.

Chrissie added, “He worked all over the country. Wherever the jobs were. They used to call him ‘Dangerous Brian’ because he was always tripping over or getting into an accident or something. The drugs ruined all that. He was 25 before he ever touched them.”

Bad Experiences

Chrissie went on to explain that her son faced much heartbreak in his life, which ‘knocked him’ and piled pressure onto him; this did not help as he was suffering from addiction already. She said, “He hid a lot. He had a lot of bad experiences through his life. He found his nana dead – he had always been close to her – I think that knocked him. Years later, he woke up and found his girlfriend, Katrina, had died during the night while she was lying next to him. He did a lot of bad things while he was on the drugs, but I never turned my back on him – he could talk to me about anything. And when he told me he was sorry for everything he had done, I said, ‘I know son. It wasn’t you; it was the addiction’.”

‘I Can’t Believe He’s Gone’

Speaking fondly of her brother, Lynsey said, “He was a good brother. We always looked after him. He was always laughing. He loved old people and kids, and he loved his dog Mitsy.”

While Kirsty said, “He loved his grandkids, Indi-Rae and Arya. All the bairns miss him. He used to joke around a lot, but it was never nasty. He used to look after people. After he died, a girl came up to us and said he had stood up for her when they were kids and she was being bullied at school.”

His mother added, “After Benefits Street, the council said they were going to sort him out – they didn’t. I’m going to try and do something in his name. They need to do follow-up programs to help people like Lee. I can’t believe he’s gone – my beautiful son. I miss him so much.”

Help and Support When Overcoming Addiction

For the loved ones of a drug addict, the thought of losing them can be all too much; in many cases, this leads family members to sever contact with the addict to spare any pain. Here at Addiction Helper, we work with addicts as well as their family members to ensure that those who need help can access it quickly and easily.

If you are concerned that your loved one is suffering from an addiction, whether this is for the first time or after they have had an addiction relapse, contact us here at Addiction Helper. We work with many clinics around the UK that offer a range of beneficial treatments that can help this person overcome the addiction. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Source: Lee Nutley’s family make calendar to remember their ‘Dangerous Brian’ (Gazette Live)

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