Paul Gascoigne’s Alcohol Struggle Continues


It seems that a lot of people have lost their patience with Paul Gascoigne as the troubled former-footballer has reportedly suffered another addiction relapse in a lifelong fight against alcoholism.

Addiction Relapse

For Gazza, it’s hard to pinpoint the lowest ebb in a desperate and public struggle with alcohol that has spanned across three decades. Only days after an alleged arrest for drunken assault, Gascoigne was admitted to hospital on Monday evening following a ‘drunken disturbance’ at a hotel. The 45 year old reportedly broke down crying after an all-day bender outside the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, London. It is the latest in a long line of relapses after the ex-sportsman spent around one month at an alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Arizona before returning to the UK and the media spotlight in March. News of the reported incidents has been met by fears for his well-being and calls for him seek treatment as soon as possible.

Not alone

Close friend Ronnie Irani, who helped raise the £100,000 to fund Gazza’s trip to rehab, is frustrated by the news but has urged people to continue to support the broken star. Irani said: “People feel they have been let down by Paul but you must always keep trying. Never give up on anybody. It’s sad. But we just hope and pray he can get through it again”.

He continued: “He has got some top people around him but he has to make his own choices. It’s down to him”.

Gascoigne’s family have also spoken after the latest incident, concerned nephew Jay Kerrigan said: “Obviously he has relapsed. It is really unfortunate, we don’t know what he will do this time, if he will go back to rehab.

“At the end of the day, this is up to him. I think he can get better and beat this, but I hope he kicks the drink for good.”

Giving up for good

At his worst he admits to drinking four bottles of whiskey a day, using cocaine and weighing just nine stone. Gascoigne has publically battled drink and drug addiction for longer than he was in the spotlight for his talent. His problems have become so bad it is fair to say that it is the alcoholism that defines him, more than the magnificent football he once played on the pitch. If Paul Gascoigne is to ever truly recover commitment to rehabilitation now is the only way to achieve it. Having previously spent stints in the Priory clinic in Southampton and other facilities it seems that a prolonged stay and course of treatment is the only thing that can make a difference. There is help for Paul if he wants it, and he can get well.

Everyone Can Get In To Recovery

Some have said that they fear he may never get well but we know at Addiction Helper that anyone can overcome addiction and get in to recovery – no-one is too far gone. We’ve seen people recover that you – nor they – would have never imagined, and some of our staff are included in that. What we need to see is Gazza using some of that old resolve, determination and perseverance that he had on-field applied to his recovery.

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