Kenny Sansom Suffers Another Addiction Relapse

It is very difficult to beat addiction once it has taken hold, and those who do manage to overcome their illness often do so with commitment and hard work as well as the support of professional counsellors, therapists and family members. However, the threat of addiction relapse will forever be there with recovering addicts as it is so easy to fall back into old ways unless the individual works hard at maintaining his or her sobriety and is vigilant to the dangers around them.

While many people who do manage to beat addiction will stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives, others will struggle and eventually relapse. This is not the end of the road, however; for some recovering addicts, addiction relapse can be just what is needed to get them back on the proverbial straight and narrow.

They will realise that this is not how they want to live their lives and will be more motivated to get sober and stay sober. They will have experienced addiction relapse and will know that the one thing they want more than anything else is never to experience it again.

Unable to Overcome Addiction

Sadly, some people fail to beat their addictions and will regularly relapse, no matter how much help and support they receive. Former England footballer Kenny Sansom is proof that some individuals simply cannot resist the pull of a toxic substance. Despite numerous attempts at sobriety, Sansom has spoken to SunSport about how he has been unable to conquer his alcoholism and gambling addiction.

Reporter Neil Ashton had arranged to meet Sansom in a particular location that was changed by Sansom twice before they met up in a pub where he was surrounded by his ‘drinking buddies’. Sansom told Ashton, “I don’t want to stop — I love drinking.”

His ‘friends’ told Ashton that they just want to help the former footballer, but it was clear that they are not. One woman said, ‘we’ve got Kenny’s best interests at heart,’ before passing him a large glass of wine.

Alcohol Bender

Sansom admits that the only time he stops drinking is when his body cannot take any more alcohol. He said, “I just want to tell the truth.”

Nevertheless, he admits that he spends much of his time looking for money for alcohol, gambling and hotels. He confesses that he has been banned from every betting shop in the area. Reporter Ashton said that Kenny was in an alcoholic haze throughout the interview, and he remarked that he ‘never says no to a drink’ because he simply does not know how to.

Another friend then told him, “We’ll go around the corner for a drink in a minute Kenny, get you out of here.”

He then told Ashton, “You’re taking liberties.”

It is clear that Sansom will be unable to quit alcohol if he continues to spend his time in pubs with people who think they are helping him by buying alcohol for him.

Beyond Help

Sansom has been in and out of rehab five times and has never managed to get either of his addictions under control. The ex-footballer is adamant that he does not want to go to rehab again and admitted that the last time he left a clinic, he wanted to head straight to a betting shop to place a bet.

With Sansom seemingly unwilling to try rehab again, those who love him are all too aware of the predicament he is in. His good friend Mick, who was with him during the interview, is a former alcoholic, but even he knows that nothing can make Sansom stop drinking when all he wants is another drink. The ex-soccer star is beyond help.

Overcoming Addiction

Family members and friends of those who have suffered from addiction and addiction relapse will probably be able to relate to Kenny Sansom’s story. It is frustrating to know that there is nothing you can do to help a loved one overcome their addiction, but the reality is that unless the individual wants to get better, he or she will not give their full commitment to any rehab programme.

To beat addiction, it is necessary for the person with the illness to want to recover. Just going to rehab is not enough because it is easy for the individual to sabotage his or her own recovery just by not trying.

Hope is not lost, however; when it comes to getting a loved one to accept that addiction is a real problem, interventions can work. Here at Addiction Helper, we can provide advice and support to family members who are trying to get a loved one to accept help.

We can help you to arrange an intervention or we can put you in touch with a professional interventionist who can take care of things for you. Call us today for information on our free services.

Source: ‘I JUST LOVE DRINKING’ Kenny Sansom’s destructive booze addiction laid bare in shocking interview with Neil Ashton (The Sun)

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