How to Minimise the Risk of Addiction Relapse

It can be extremely challenging for those suffering from a drug addiction to actually overcome it. In many cases, the addict will need medical supervision to prevent him or her from suffering an addiction relapse. This can be problematic for anyone with a drug addiction, but it can also negatively impact their loved ones.

It is often difficult to convince an addict that he or she has a problem. Many addicts will be in denial and will refuse to accept that they need help. This can cause many issues, including prolonging the amount of time that this person is abusing the substance. The sooner the individual realises that he or she is addicted, the sooner this person can move into recovery.

Family’s Despair

Stacey Forsey, star of Real Housewives, has spoken out about her family’s despair over her older brother Gary’s severe heroin addiction. In the final episode of the Real Housewives of Cheshire, Stacey can be seen sobbing as she hosted a charity auction. The reason she was so distraught is primarily due to the personal connection she has with certain charities that received the impressive £12,000 raised by the sale of her paintings at the Victoria Warehouse in Old Trafford.

Anyone Can Be Affected

Stacey is married to Dave Forsey, who is a millionaire businessman, and she has been part of the Real Housewives TV drama for the past two series. Speaking of the strenuous battle that her brother Gary has faced in regards to his addiction, she said “I know I’m very fortunate to live a lovely life, but I want people to know I’m also just a normal person, with a mum and dad and a family who have faced struggles. My brother did go down the wrong path, and it really can happen to anybody if you get in with the wrong crowd and you don’t know when to stop.”


She went on to say, “We grew up in the late 80s in the time of amazing bands, raves, music and partying, and we all got wrapped up in it in those days. But my brother never came out the other end, and he suffered. On and off for 25 years he’s been battling with heroin addiction, and now he’s suffering from everything that comes with coming off the drugs. It had a massive effect on his life, and on our family’s lives.”

Fall Victim to Addiction Relapse

Stacey has spoken of how her older brother has been in trouble with the law and has been in prison on many occasions because of his drug addiction. However, he has accepted help and has been drug-free for the past year. Over the years, he had attempted to give up the drugs but would fall victim to an addiction relapse, ending up back on the drugs. She explained, “He’s been brilliant for the past 12 months due to the great support of his ex-drugs worker and mentor Paul. He has kept him busy and given him voluntary work and training at his Salford boxing gym. He now suffers from depression and guilt remembering what he has done while under the influence. That’s what makes it hard to keep him on track; that’s what happens to a lot of sufferers who struggle with the guilt of what they have put their families through.”

Charities Close to Home

Stacey worked hard to produce a full collection of her paintings so that she could auction these for three different charities that she has a strong link with. Charities Action for Addiction, Coffee 4 Craig, and Child Bereavement UK are her chosen charities as each is extremely close to her heart. Commenting on this, Stacey said “I know it could so easily have been my brother out there on the streets. Raising money for these charities was a massive motivation to me to organise the art auction. I’ve always painted as a hobby, but this was a way of raising money and creating awareness for these causes. We talked long and hard as a family about me doing this, but my brother feels very strongly that he wants to let people know that he is well now and that you can get through this if you get the right support.” Stacey has plans for another exhibition showcasing her artwork at an event in Menagerie bar in the city centre on November 16th.

How to Avoid Relapse when Overcoming Addiction

Many people are under the impression that when trying to overcome this illness, addiction relapse is inevitable; this is not necessarily true. It is true that many affected individuals will experience an addiction relapse when trying to give up a substance that they have been relying on for many years. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to get through the recovery process without experiencing it if you have the right help and support.

The most important step is to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the process of recovery, whether this is a friend or family member, a therapist, doctor or counsellor. Having some form of support will make it less likely to relapse; when someone is watching over you, there is less chance of you being allowed to return to using drugs or alcohol when things get rough.

Help and Support

Often, affected individuals are convinced that overcoming an addiction will be extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Addiction Helper, we can ensure that you find the best clinic and treatments to suit your specific requirements. Nothing is more important to us than helping you overcome your addiction and for you to then go on to live a happy and sober life.

If you require any information on any of the services we provide or advice on addictions issues, do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist.

Source: Real Housewives star Stacey Forsey’s tears over her heroin addict brother (Manchester Evening News)

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