Sophie Anderton Fears Relapse in Celebrity Big Brother

Former model and reality television actor Sophie Anderton has spoken openly about her fear of relapsing during her spell appearing on Channel 5’s (UK) Big Brother this year.

400px-Sophie_Anderton_30_07_07She is not alone in her fears as fellow Big Brother housemate and former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones, a recovering alcoholic, echoed Sophie’s worries about a possible addiction relapse. Speaking before she entered the competition in an open and frank interview in the British press she said:

“It was a big risk to sign up for this because for the past three years I’ve been happy. I like being anonymous, it’s great.”

The renewed exposure and interest in her and her life is a side effect of appearing on a television show like Big Brother. Before Anderton could make any decision to appear on the programme she had to be sure she could handle the pressure and was able to be in the media spotlight without regressing to former habits.

Speaking about her drug use during her career as a model she revealed the shocking truth about her drug problem. She said:

“Between 17 and 32 I was high apart from a two-year clean period. I’d have a line of coke before I had coffee in the morning and I didn’t think twice about popping an E pill. I hated my 20s, I was a train wreck.”

This admission has shocked many people and is a reminder of the progress she has made leaving behind a life-threatening and catastrophic addiction to cocaine and other drugs. The 36-year-old blew her £10million pound fortune by snorting up to 8 grams of Cocaine a day in a long struggle with drugs. Sophie’s £30,000 a day wage was not enough to fuel her reckless and detrimental habit.

“I blew £10million. That’s something I deeply regret. Rehab has cost me about £55,000 over the years and another £20,000 on therapy but none of that worked.

“My lowest point was when I relapsed in 2006. When you relapse you go back 20 times as hard. It was the darkest time, it was horrible and I think I kind of knew that was it for me and thought: ‘I’ve relapsed now, I might as well destroy my entire life’.

“Towards the end it got more serious. Class A drugs are class A drugs for a reason, they kill. At the end of the day you’re playing with fire.”

Her admission of her drug addiction is part of the road to recovery and whislt rehab didn’t work for her the first time it is the same for many other people. Recovering is a process that for all is a lifetime commitment. There is no magic wand and it takes dedication and determination to conquer a drug problem. Now that Sophie has recovered it is up to her to remain in control and refuse to return to a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle determined by drugs.

At Addiction Helper we sincerely hope she can get through this period without addiction relapse and would like with any other person struggling with an addiction we are here to help in the hour of need of just for advice.

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