Fear of Relapse: Always Present for Recovered Addicts

Davina McCall has spoken of how she still attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help prevent an addiction relapse into addiction, and that how she will not even drink one glass of wine for fear she may develop an addiction to alcohol. She said that ‘she can’t have one of anything’ and prefers to abstain from drinking, just in case.

McCall struggled with a heroin addiction during her twenties and says that the meetings she now attends help her stay on the straight and narrow. She has said that she thinks the NA system is ‘very, very clever’ but also that she has always been nervous to talk about the meetings because anonymity is an important part of them.

Group Support

The TV presenter admits that, over the years, she has had a lot of support from NA and dismisses claims that people only attend meetings if they really need help or are about to relapse. She went on to say that she ‘gets a lot from it’ and that the meetings are a great place to go for support and help.

McCall is the perfect example of how addiction can be turned around. She has had a hugely successful career in recent years and is dedicated to health and fitness with a range of fitness gear and DVDs in her name. Addicts are often advised to become immersed in something healthy and beneficial to take their mind off the substance or behaviour they crave; fitness and exercise are great ways to do this.

The star is hoping that by talking about her fears of addiction relapse and of how she continues to stay vigilant, it will help others to realise that they can get support and talk about how they are feeling. She said, “More than anything, it is about always being vigilant, making sure I top up my recovery and reminding myself of where it’s going to take me.”

She has also advised others to attend group support meetings such as NA, at which they will get the support and help that they need.

The Fear of Addiction Relapse

The fear of a relapse will always be in the back of a recovered addict’s mind. They will always worry of ending up back in the grips of their addiction and, for some, as Davina McCall, it will be necessary to take certain steps to avoid this. McCall fears that her addictive personality will mean that one glass of wine will lead to another and another; this is something that she wants to avoid so prefers to abstain completely.

One of the problems with recovered addicts is the fact that once they have been in recovery for some time, they may begin to feel as though they are completely better and that they will never find themselves addicted again. However, it is easy to slip back into old habits and therefore lose all the progress that has been made. It is necessary to do as McCall does and make a point of staying vigilant at all times to avoid any chance of addiction relapse.

Those in recovery will need to find something to occupy them, such as a hobby. Many addicts will devote their spare time to helping other addicts to get through recovery by sharing their experiences and knowledge. This can be hugely rewarding.

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Source: The Independent

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