Danniella Westbrook’s Relapse Hell

Once an addiction has taken a firm grip, it can be extremely difficult to loosen its clutches. Those who manage to kick their substance abuse and find themselves in recovery often require solid support from various people including friends and family members, therapists, or counsellors. As well as this, they also need a whole lot of determination and commitment to actually remain substance-free. However, it is incredibly easy to veer off course towards old habits and the possibility of an addiction relapse.

Countless individuals have overcome their illness, managing to stay sober by working hard and being aware of the dangers around them. There are others though who will find every day a struggle; many times this struggle will lead to a relapse. It is far from being a total catastrophe, though. For some recovering addicts, an addiction relapse can make them realise just what they are doing to themselves, and in some cases, it can motivate and help push them towards sobriety. Once they have experienced an addiction relapse, they will understand that this is not something they will want to ever experience again, which will encourage them to stay on the right path.

Regular Relapse

Unfortunately, in some cases, the addict simply cannot overcome his or her addiction, and it becomes a regular occurrence for them to relapse, even with constant support. One example of this is actress Danniella Westbrook, who is evidence that it is not always as simple to quit and stay off drugs forever.

Danniella has attended rehab clinics many times over the years in an attempt to overcome her cocaine addiction. However, it has not always gone to plan as she has relapsed several times. The actress has admitted that she has started to abuse cocaine again after discovering that her toy-boy partner George Arnold had been unfaithful.

Danniella has commented on her addiction relapse saying, “I am broke, alone and back on drugs. My friends are right to worry. I am a loose cannon. I spend every penny I have on being the ultimate party girl. I feel like it’s still the 90s.”

She has admitted to trying cocaine for the first time aged just fourteen, and after she rose to fame in EastEnders aged sixteen, she fell into the vicious cycle of continued drug abuse.

Abusing Substances for Comfort

Danniella has been through a horrific journey while abusing cocaine – from having to have surgery to rebuild her septum, which was destroyed as a result of prolonged cocaine abuse to being brutally gang-raped by three drug dealers.

Sadly, Danniella turned to drugs for comfort in her time of need, instead of seeking support. This is not the right way to go about it. If you think you or a loved one could be suffering from a drug addiction, then seek medical support immediately. By bottling this up and not speaking to anyone about it, you are only making things worse for yourself. Not many people can deal with addiction on their own, and they will need professional help to get into recovery.

Many individuals that suffer from any form of addiction can often find themselves in denial about their situation. A large proportion of these choose to ignore the fact that they have an issue and will convince themselves that they are entirely fine. Nevertheless, the reality is that they are far from fine. It is not always the individual’s fault, though; sometimes they have just convinced themselves to the point of actually believing they do not have a problem. This seems to be the case with many types of addiction, and it even occurs in recovery. If an affected individual has been in denial about their problem before, they could easily suffer from an addiction relapse and be in denial about this as well.

Successfully Overcoming an Addiction

Like Danniella’s friends and family, the loved ones of anyone suffering from an addiction can find it extremely challenging to deal with. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a friend or family member suffering and knowing that there is nothing that can be done about it unless the addict physically wants to get better.

When it comes to making a friend or family member realise that their addiction is a problem, interventions can help. If you need advice on how to set up an intervention, give us a call. We can give you all the assistance you need. We can assist in getting you in touch with a professional interventionist who will sort things out for you or we can even support you with arranging your own intervention.

You can also contact us for any other advice or information you need relating to our free services.


Source: Danniella Westbrook Reveals Cocaine Relapse, Following Latest Split (Huffington Post)

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