Why All Recovering Addicts Need a Fighting Spirit

Nobody chooses to be an addict – it is just something that happens to some people. When it comes to drugs, the person decides to take them the first time but they will never be planning to become addicted to them. It is the same with alcohol; alcohol is socially acceptable despite the fact that there are many individuals across the UK suffering from alcoholism. There are many reasons why people will begin taking alcohol or drinking to excess, but none of them plan to develop an addiction that can potentially ruin their lives.

For many, taking substances such as drugs and alcohol was once a pleasurable experience. However, the pleasure may have turned to pain as they find that they cannot now live without the substance because they have become dependent on it. This is happening all too often throughout the country, and many lives are being destroyed as a result.

How Addiction Can Destroy Lives

Some can hide their addiction for a long time before others begin to notice, but for others, it becomes apparent quite quickly that they are dealing with something serious. Take Daniella Westbrook for example. The actress found fame as Samantha Mitchell in Eastenders at the age of sixteen and was soon a regular on the party scene, taking cocaine. Westbrook has since admitted that she first tried the Class A drug at the age of fourteen. By the time she was just twenty-one years of age, she was spending £400 per day on the drug, and it was clearly affecting her life.

Her addiction became public knowledge in May 2000 when she attended the British Soap Awards. Photos emerged the next day in the media of her collapsed septum, which was a result of cocaine snorting.

Westbrook entered rehab and seemed to be getting her life back on track. However, when her marriage fell apart in 2013, she relapsed and found herself homeless. She admitted that she had been living in a bedsit and going to food banks. She said of her life, “It’s a car crash … and I have to say, I thought that nearly losing my life was the worst point, but I think that this year has been the worst year that I’ve ever had.”

Making a Comeback

After a traumatic year in which she has had to get sober again, it looks as though things are at last on the up. She is returning to Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as Trudy Ryan. She has been spotted exercising in a park with a personal trainer in a bid to look her best before she returns to the small screen. She tweeted, ‘Always got it in the bag z haven’t lost a fight yet x #Strength’ and ‘This is a fight you can win’.

The Importance of Fighting

As Daniella Westbrook has shown, recovering addicts are always at risk of relapse. She was sober for thirteen years but when life threw her a curveball, she found herself seeking solace in the drug she was once addicted to.

However, she is now clean again and determined to improve her life. Her fighting spirit is something that all addicts need when trying to stay sober.

Getting Help

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, Addiction Helper can provide information and advice on how and where to get help. We have a team of expert advisors waiting to take your call, so do not delay.

If you have decided that the time is right to get help, it is important to make the call right now. The sooner you speak to our advisors the sooner you can begin your journey towards recovery.

Source: Daily Mail

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