Roads To Recovery Case Study: Religion Is Not for All

wrong or right ethical questionWhen recovering from addiction there is one thing that is certain, there is no set way to overcome your addiction and adaptability is as important as the determination to succeed. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another and vice versa. Each path to recovery is different and therefore treatment for each individual must also change.

Some individuals couple religion together with a programme to help recover from addiction but this option is not essential. Just like all members of society, not every addict is religious, but some are. The option to include religion in the recovery programme needs to come from the individual and not forced upon them.

Recently at Addiction Helper we became aware of a case in California whereby an atheist parolee was compensated by the court for being re-imprisoned for refusing to participate in a religiously orientated rehabilitation programme. The individual in question did not bemoan the rehabilitation but felt that the religious element was unnecessary and was against their individual beliefs.

The ruling may have a more significant than initially anticipated as now that one recovering addict has been able to avoid religious based rehabilitation, Sacramento based judges have been told to consider alternatives to requiring parolees to attend programmes with religious affiliations or based on a god or ‘higher power’.

This recognition by Californian courts reflects a truth about recovery and the paths that lead away from addiction. There is no standardised procedure to help people who suffer from an addiction. There needs to be room for flexibility and for individuals to receive personalised treatment based on their specific needs.

This small victory for one recovering drug addict is an interesting storyA.s well as showing that there is no one way to overcome addiction, this story also demonstrates that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or creed.

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