A drug addiction is an illness; the person could be addicted do horrendous substances. Nicola Bedford is a prime example of how a drug addiction can destroy lives. Bedford was found guilty of murder this week after her ex-partner was found dead at his home in Newsome this past May (2014). The heroin and crack cocaine addict had denied any involvement initially, but her boyfriend and pimp Surjit Singh Sidhu admitted murdering Mr Martin Ackroyd.

However, despite her denials, a Bradford Crown Court jury found the pair guilty. Both Bedford and her partner will be given a life sentence but the judge will determine the length of that sentence.

During the trial, the court heard how Mr Ackroyd had been tortured and beaten by the pair before being strangled with a DVD cable.

Difficult Upbringing

Some would say that how a person is brought up affects their chances of success in later life. It might even be argued that a difficult upbringing can make a person more susceptible to becoming an addict. This is not always the case but for Bedford, who had changed schools 36 times and was working as a prostitute by the age of 15, drugs quickly became a part of her life.

At the age of seven, Bedford’s parents divorced; she claimed that her mother worked as a prostitute.  By the age of 16, Bedford was drinking up to 15 cans of high-strength lager every day and knew she was an alcoholic. She was convicted of dealing drugs in 2000.

Getting Help Early

In the case of Bedford, a difficult upbringing and life with a prostitute mother led to a life of drugs and crime. However, this does not always have to be the case for those who develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. There is help out there and many addicts have had successful stints in a rehabilitation centre with the support of a loving family.

Bedford did not have a network of people to help her, so her addiction quickly took hold. Nevertheless, if you or a loved one is in danger of letting an addiction take hold, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction has come a long way in recent years and there are many different options for treatment.

Understanding the Illness

It is important for family members to realise that a drug or alcohol addiction is complex illness and that those who suffer with it often feel an uncontrollable craving for their substance of choice. Their absolute need for the drug or drink can lead to devastating consequences.

Family members often do not understand addiction and think that the person is to blame for taking the drugs or drink in the first place. While they may be correct in their opinion that the person did initially take drugs or began drinking by choice, once the addiction takes hold, their ability to stop is compromised and they develop a compulsive need to continue.

Rehabilitation centres understand the illness and are fully equipped to deal with each individual’s addiction on a case-by-case basis. Getting an addict into rehab is the best way to help him/her fight the addiction and begin on the road to recovery.

People in recovery set up Addiction Helper, so we know where to start and the best places to get help. We can put you or your loved one in touch with the best rehabilitation centres as well as assisting you on your journey towards sobriety.



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