Is Justin Bieber on Drugs?

justin-bieber-drugsLast night Justin Bieber was taken to hospital in London after collapsing backstage during a concert. Sources close to the teen singer reported that he felt unwell during the show at the O2 Arena. The singer was treated with oxygen by medical staff but battled on for the last four songs to complete the show.

Bieber’s spokesman Scooter Braun, took to the stage to tell the huge crowd that… “Justin’s got very light breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, he’s backstage with the emergency medical team and the doctor.” Bieber returned to the stage to complete his set and received a massive standing ovation. He was admitted to hospital immediately. Sources say he is still there and is being assessed by doctors.

We can only speculate on what might be the matter with Justin Bieber but recent erratic behaviour has proved worrying to his fans. The first night of his concerts at the 02 Arena saw him take to the stage two hours late causing uproar. Many of his preteen fans were forced to leave in order to get home before even seeing the star set foot on stage. He’s also pictured with a suspicious looking cigarette and management have been worried that he may be hanging around with “undesirable” new friends who are out of keeping with his squeaky clean image.

Having been in the public eye from such a young age has placed Bieber in a very precarious position. Child stars through the years have often fallen victim to the “child star curse.” Brought up in an adult environment from an early age and struggling to deal with the pressures of fame, many a child star has time to drink or drugs. More often than not the first signs to the public that the star has a problem is incidents such as these, where “exhaustion” is frequently cited as the cause. Exhaustion has been a euphemism for everything from celebrities not turning up to interviews to full on drug rehab, so we can only hope for once that is  just a case of  touring stress rather than anything more untoward.

If Bieber was to fall into the drinking and drug trap, he wouldn’t be the first child star to do so. Macauley Culkin, Drew Barrymore and Corey Haim all grew up in the public eye, and fought even mare public battles with addiction. Sadly, addiction plagued Haim all the way into adulthood , which cut short his life.

Justin Bieber should take some time out to evaluate his life and what path he wants to take. Addiction is a very slippery slope and he should take heed of those who have treaded this path before him.



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