Will the Samsung S4 make smartphone addiction worse?


With the launch of the Galaxy S4 Samsung continue to take on Apple as the world’s biggest smart phone manufacturer. The New Galaxy has a 5 inch screen and a 13 mega pixel camera and is lighter than its predecessor the S3.  Over the last few years Samsung have edged out likely competitors Nokia and BlackBerry to main contender to Apple’s rule at the top of the smart phone market. Samsung have even managed to push out Nokia as the world’s largest maker of phones as they took over the lion’s share of the budget handset market. The Galaxy range of phones and tablets has become the jewel in Samsung’s crown and has sold over 100 million Galaxy S phones since they were launched in 2010. Apple may have sold over twice the amount of their ground-breaking iPhones in that same amount of time, but Samsung are snapping at their heels.

But is this all just contributing to an ever-growing army of smart phone addicts? Addiction to mobile phones is common and many people are losing social skills in the process.  Permanently having phone glued to their hands, the mobile phone addict finds it impossible to put down.

Like any addiction it’s when it spills over into other areas of someone’s life that I have it can become an internet addiction. The odd game of Temple run may not be a problem, but compulsive playing for hours whilst ignoring everyday duties and responsibilities, well that’s a problem.

Smart phones give instant access to social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Constantly refreshing feeds and checking inboxes, just in case of missed anything the smart phone addict is scared of missing anything analyse on validation from others via social network sites. They may build imagining personas and create “friendships” with other users that they do not know in real life. A second identity part from real life is not uncommon with those who spend a lot of time online.

Partners may feel neglected and excluded by someone is addicted to their smart phone. Being ignored or even textured while in the same room as someone who seems more interested in their smart phone than their relationship has caused many couples to break up. Facebook is sited in an ever-growing amount of relationship breakups. Social networking sites can be breeding grounds for resentment in relationships and conversations may be mis-read and misinterpreted. Suspicions are often high when a partner spends too much time online.

The sophisticated functions of a smart forming someone can be available for work 24/seven and if someone is prone to being a workaholic, the smart phone only increases this. The rise of smart phones has increased the pressure to respond and reply quickly. This additional pressure mean some people feel that they are never “off duty” and feel constantly under pressure.

Gaming apps are one of the most lucrative types of application on the market. Casinos and other online betting sites spend millions on marketing and advertising instant access to betting sites those predisposed to gambling problems may find it even easier to indulge habits detrimental to their health and finances as is all too easy to click away money without even thinking about it. Smart phone addiction can cause more than one set of problems.

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